TOWN Residential Gives NYC Residents New Options

There are a lot of people that are interested in new properties in New York City. This is one of the most popular cities in the world, and people are quite impressed with what they can do here. There is never a dull moment in the city that never sleeps. That is why TOWN Residential stays busy. It is the type of real estate Company that is designed to help the wealthy secure the luxury spots throughout the city.


A large number of people are interested in renting places in Manhattan. This is where TOWN Residential Real Estate Agents are providing a lot of listings for potential buyers. People that are moving in Manhattan have a ton of options. There are many people that like to consider places in areas like Tribeca and Central Park. TOWN has the agents in place that can lead people to places that they may not have ever found without the help of agents.


There is a reason that TOWN Residential is important. There are literally thousands of properties in the New York area that are up for sale or lease at any time of the year. It is good to have these agents in place because they have the ability to actually give people access to what they want. This is often the problem with sorting through so many luxury problems in New York. People can search for a long time, but they may not be finding what they need in terms of location and design. This is especially true for residents that are new to New York.


The city can become quite confusing for anyone that is not familiar with the area. It is best to have a company like TOWN Residential that has the ability to show new residents into homes that are close to where they plan to work or spend their time after hours. With a TOWN agent people get the chance to see homes in relation to points of interest. They can find a home that is close to certain shopping malls or restaurants. They can find out how close they are to grocery stores or gyms. These are the types of things that people will consider when they are trying to see what area will best suit their needs.


New York caters to a large selection of people that are interested in living close to areas that they may work in. There are many people that depend on the train to get from one point to another. Lots of people do not drive at all. That is why location is so important to many residents. TOWN Residential has experienced people in place that can help people make sure that they care getting in a location that is best for their daily needs.


There are areas like SoHo that are perfect for some while the Upper or Lower East Side may be ideal for others. With thousands of potential properties it is important to have some home buying guidance.

Online Reputation Management

Business owners that market online should be consistent in maintaining a good reputation. One unhappy client within minutes can scar a business owners reputation. One way to prevent this from happening is to be aware of what people think of you. What people are saying about your brand can be tracked by using brand monitoring tools. There are even brand monitoring services that can help. Another thing business owners can do is set up Google Alerts. It doesn’t cost a penny to signup and Google will alert business owners whenever people post about their business. Post can be received daily, as it happens, or once a week. Notifications are sent to users email address. They even notify when people post outside of the United States.
One easy way as revealed by experts from Online Reputation Reviews to find out if there is any bad information online, is to do a company name search on each search engine. Click on the first two to three searches to see if anyone has left bad reviews or posted anything negative. Did you know that if your employees have a bad name that this can affect your reputation? You may want to do a search on them as well. If you find bad reviews try sending out an email to those clients to see if issues can be resolved. One way to work on building a reputation is to ask pleased clients to post positive reviews because some don’t even post reviews. Maintaining healthy social media accounts is another way to build and maintain a good reputation. By updating post regularly and posting positive information clients and potential clients will be drawn to a business. Combating bad online press can help prevent future problems.


What Investment Advisory Can Do For You

An investment advisory firm is dedicated to managing the assets of individuals, families, and small businesses with an objective perspective focused on their client’s best interests. The field requires a thoughtful integrity centered on their role as a trusted advisor. Such dedication allows investment advisors to best inform their clients while mitigating the self interest found in other areas of the financial world.

The relationship between a client and their investment advisor is one fostered by experience and trust. As a result, investment advisors should be experienced professionals educated in finance. The most trustworthy in the field offer years of experience advising in such a capacity. This ensures such important financial objectives such as retirement are met with the skill needed to ensure results.

Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm based out of Austin, Texas. The company was founded by Richard Blair with the aim of contributing significantly to the lives of the individuals, families, and small business owners which he has represented over the years.

Richard Blair was drawn to education by seeing first hand the power his mother, grandmother, and wife had as teachers. This experience allowed Richard the unique perspective of witnessing the importance of education in helping develop knowledge and confidence in all areas of life. Combined with a love and aptitude for finance, Richard soon discovered he held the power to help educate people and businesses on how best to meet their unique planning and investment goals. Wealth Solutions, Inc was founded in 1994 with the purpose of putting Richard’s financial talents and moral integrity to use by offering honest and practical advice to the multitude of clients seeking his knowledgeable and honest advise.

Since that time, Richard Blair has become an industry leader. Specializing in retirement planning, Richard helps his clients mitigate the risk involved in any investment strategy while maximizing potential. Since the beginnings of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has aided countless individuals in reaching a secure and comfortable retirement.

The field of investment advisory requires professionals to maintain the highest ethical standards in order to properly serve the best interests of their varied clientele base. It is paramount for any investment advisor to offer objective advice based on the unique needs of their clients. Investment advisors like Richard Blair strive to make a difference in the lives of their clients by helping them to make the most informed decisions regarding their personal assets and financial future.

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The Benefits of Wearing Fabletics

For individuals that are looking for clothes that can not only be used for comfort to wear out and about or around the house or even at work, there is now a new line of clothing that is known as Fabletics that was created by Kate Hudson in 2013 in order to present a new way to think about comfort. Fabletics combines style as well as comfort and give individuals an easy way to look good while doing those necessary routines such as picking up the kids from school or even grocery shopping. With fun patterns and innovative cuts on each of the clothing items on Twitter, Kate Hudson has truly created a unique brand that is appealing to the customer and what they look for in outerwear. Kate Hudson’s designs, in addition to being stylish and comfortable, are also clothing items that fit the body type of any individual and showoff the curves and stature of anyone.

In recent news, Kate Hudson launched a new campaign to showoff Fabletics as her clothing items that involved her iPhone and her home. This new campaign was designed to make the viewers and the customers feel closer to Kate Hudson and to learn what she does when wearing the clothing apparel. As a businesswoman, Kate Hudson has been able to successfully show that her apparel have many benefits as well as uses and have some of the best fabrics on that promote flexibility as well as endurance in any athlete or just individual that wears the designs.

The new campaign that was launched consists of several commercials that show clips of a day in the life of Kate Hudson while wearing her Fabletics clothing designs. Over 70 percent of these commercials use Kate Hudson’s iPhone to make it a more personable commercial that puts Kate Hudson in touch with the consumers of the product. As a businesswoman, Ms. Hudson wants the consumers to understand that the product was created for them to promote performance in every activity. Though the company was founded in 2013, Fabletics has grown exponentially and has created a new outlook on wearing athletic gear.

The goal of this new campaign is to promote fashionable active wear. With sports bras, tights, shorts, as well as athletic tops, Kate Hudson has truly created an array of possibilities for the consumers to try that are flattering for all types of bodies. As a businesswoman, Kate Hudson has created Fabletics that she wears everyday in every aspect of life. This commercial is proof to this and shows her dedicated to changing the way athletic gear is worn. It is expected that the Fabletics company will continue to grow onward far into the future of fashion and style.

Save Money With Experienced Banking Professionals

NexBank is a fast growing online bank that allows its customers to have access to their account from most devices that include your smartphone. Busy professionals want to know that they have access to the money that have worked hard for. In fact, that insist on banking with someone that can help maximize their money. A NexBank account will ensure that your money will grow and bear interest. You can gt an online account that will help them be able to watch their money increase instead of just sitting there. You’ll have the option of superior banking voted by thousands of customers worldwide.

Nexbank Features

– IRA accounts
– Free deposits
– Free checking
– Free online bill pay
and much more…

You won’t want to do business with another bank other than NexBank because they have thousands of features that are designed to meet the demands of their customers. You can own a home with a mortgage account or get a new car with premier financing from the bank. You can open an account today and get access to your account immediately opening an account. They have been acknowledged for being one of the biggest growing banks in the industry.

A recent PRN News article has talked about how they have merged with College Savings Bank to extend their college savings programs. They understand that thousands of students and their parents are forced into debt because of an inability to save for college. The sky rocketing cost of college tuition is causing a lot of people to have to depend on the government for federal student loans. However, NexBank works diligently to make sure that you can save college and cut the corners of having to incur massive debt. NexBank is there for your banking needs today.

Importance Of The SEC Whistleblower Program

The renowned Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was enacted in 2010. Enactment of this Act by Congress is regarded as the most crucial overhaul of the financial regulations in the United States after the effects of the Great Depression. It brought about many reforms including the establishment of a new whistleblower program. The program provided individuals with crucial financial incentives and employment protections. These individuals (whistleblowers) can now report to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) any violations of the significant federal securities laws.

This historic legislation saw different law firms establish practices aimed at protecting SEC whistleblowers. However, Labaton Sucharow became the first law firm to have a practice that exclusively advocates for the whistleblowers. The firm’s securities litigation platform ranks highly in the market. To this end, its Whistleblower Representation Practice has been successful because of the firm’s in-house team of forensic accountants, financial analysts and investigators. The team has extensive experience with state and federal law enforcement. Each expert, on his or her area of specialization, plays a critical role in providing unparalleled representation to the clients (whistleblowers). Jordan Thomas leads the practice. He is the former assistant director and deputy chief litigation counsel at the SEC’s division of enforcement. Thomas was actively involved in developing the revolutionary Whistleblower Program. He drafted the proposed legislation besides outlining the ultimate implementing rules.

Based on the program rules, eligible whistleblowers are required to be paid 10-30% by the SEC. This amount is derived from the collected monetary sanctions from a concluded SEC enforcement action where the sanctions are more than $1 million. In addition, whistleblowers may be provided with additional awards based on the monetary sanctions collected. These sanctions have to be in relation to actions that are brought by various law enforcement and regulatory entities. Employers are proscribed from retaliating against whistleblowers that report any violations to the SEC as provided by the program rules. If a whistleblower represented by an SEC whistleblower attorney, he or she may report any securities anomalies anonymously.

An individual can contact the Whistleblower Representation Team through email, electronic submissions via the website and by telephone. This way, one will learn much concerning the SEC Whistleblower Program besides requesting a case evaluation. Through the attorney-client privilege, all initial case evaluations and consultations are protected, free and confidential. Any SEC Whistleblower lawyer would strongly advice an individual against providing his or her personal identifying information or those of the security violators. Upon request, international whistleblowers can be provided with translation services.

Be Prepared Because Negative Press Happens

Proactively establishing a favorable online name is vital for businesses, yet few companies consider taking steps to build their reputation until it tanks and sales suffer. Industry publications and customer service-oriented websites are quickly putting out articles about how to deal with negative press, including bad reviews, yet review sites have been around for years.
PC Magazine recently published a five top-notch suggestions for establishing a positive status, including posting images of customers using the company’s product, if possible, on Instagram or Pinterest. Nothing is better than a photograph to prove a product’s value or the customer’s satisfaction with the product. They also suggest using YouTube, which is ideal for posting customer testimonials for products, such as a garden tiller, that show the product in action.

After getting negative press, organizations should consider starting a blog, where they talk about what happened, using the phrases that consumers would use when searching for information about the company, including the unflattering terms. Blogging is an opportunity for the company to tell its side, in addition to helping establish the firm as an authority in its industry. Naturally blogging is a good idea before a crisis as well, although too few companies maintain a blog and then they scramble to create one once there is a problem.

Reputation management companies specialize in crisis situations where a firm’s reputation is taking a beating, however, consulting one beforehand saves a significant amount of time and money, since businesses that have a great online reputation can handle a few negative comments easily.



Can Mike Baur Start You Up?

There is a place in Switzerland called the Swiss Start Up Factory. In some circles we call this kind of service provider a business “accelerator“. In truth without these visionaries who realize that these ‘start up’ companies are worthwhile and worth the effort.

In this case lack of acceleration means no joy of any kind. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were all great ideas. Easy to say today. Without these incubators, this Start Up support firms, progress for all of us is limited.

Two guys make a computer in a Garage. They create Apple. Simple process right? Build a better mousetrap and they will come? Success breeds success? Ever heard of IBM? Know anyone who is using OS2? Ever heard of Windows?
In the world of Nasdaq, breaking up is very easy to do. Happens all the time. Dot bombs we used to say. Starting up is hard. Some of us remember when the mighty Google was seeking a chef to make lunches on campus. There are thousands of pitfalls, if you know hundreds you might be a genius.

With Mike Baur and the Swiss Start Up Factory these ideas get life because the people with the vision and skills get the benefit of experience from Mike Baur.

Mike is from the banking business. At some point Mr. Baur knew that his skillset was invaluable to those who needed to keep the cash flowing while their business was growing. So he did something about it.

Angel capitol and incubators are nothing new. Mike likes to invest in new tech. Many do. He takes the extra step to overcome that obstacle that so many new tech investors face, the uncertainty of idealism rubber meeting the unforgiving asphalt of the road of real life.
Calling the Swiss Start Up Factory an accelerator is nothing but accurate. You can get money and general ‘guidance’ from a variety of sources. Mike has some specific points to make even if you aren’t his project.
For Baur, the team is the most important component. If the team his wrong nothing can go right. The startup team is told exactly what is coming their way and what kind of sacrifices will be required. Sales is an integral part of the plan. Not an afterthought or something to work out later.
Going above and beyond isn’t just a good thing to do, for Mike it’s mandatory every day.

Richard Blair’s Advice On Renting

While people may try to rent to others to make some extra income, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken in order to make sure that the potential tenant is safe to rent to. There are plenty of things to check before renting out to the tenant. The landlord has to make sure that he is protected from any setbacks that could come with renting out the property. One of the things he must make sure is that he has adequate insurance coverage. In most cases, short term rentals are not covered in many policies of home owners insurance. However, there are sources of information that landlords can look into.

One of these sources of information is Richard Blair. He is one person who knows a lot about financial management among other things. For one thing, he places a lot of importance on making sure one is covered before making decision with finances. Richard is really passionate about helping people make decisions that will leave them in a much better financial position than before. He places a lot of importance on research. He has taken the time to study and learn all about the workings of different markets which is why he is able to help people achieve their financial goals.

Among the things he helps people with is retirement planning. As a matter of fact, he sees retirement planning as a very important issue. One thing he would recommend is to not wait to plan for retirement. The best thing to do is get advice and help on how to save and make investments for retirement. With the right plan, people will save and continue to have their funds build up so that they can retire comfortably in due time.

Richard Blair is someone who is especially knowledgeable about protection. When people take the time to make sure that they are protected with financial advice, different types of insurance and plenty of other financial concerns, they increase their chances of actually retiring comfortably. Richard Blair is also passionate about educating his clients on different aspects of the financial world.

Big Real Estate Projects in NYC

New York City is always home to some of the largest real estate projects in the world. A recent report in The Real Deal website highlighted some of the largest construction projects around the city.

Some of the largest ongoing projects in NYC are large office projects that are spread around the city. The current largest project is located in Long Island City, the up and coming area that is located just across the East River from Manhattan at 28-10 Queens Plaza and is being developed by Tishman Speyer. This project is for two towers that will be 27 flights high and will connect for close to a million square feet of total space.

The second largest project is currently being run by Thor Equities and his almost 650,000 square feet of space in a five story building in Red Hook. The building is primarily office space but will also include some retail space on the ground floor. This project also includes some potential space being developed for residential space but the space hasn’t been applied for yet and is still tenuous.

Another project will bring America’s favorite grocery store to NYC; Wegmans. The new construction is scheduled to take place at 21 Flushing Avenue in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and will be about 250,000 square feet with a third of it being used for the Wegmans.

Of the top ten ongoing projects, only three of them are for residential space despite the demand for residential space across the city that is driving residential costs upward. Finding an apartment is as challenging as every and it is now essential to use a high quality real estate specialist like Town Residential to find an apartment.

Town Real Estate, an NYC real estate company, was founded in New York and has long been considered to be the premier boutique real estate broker in the city. Town Residential represents both buyers and sellers and have experience in providing buyers with apartments and other units in both new and existing developments. Contact them to learn more about the ongoing construction as well as the current inventory of residential apartments on the market today.