Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Are you aware that your online reputation can have a great impact on your success as a business person, or in your professional life?

If you are a business business person, corporate executive or professional, it is imperative that you have a good system for monitoring and managing your online reputation. A reliable online reputation management team can help you handle this task efficiently.

There is a reason large companies devote whole teams of Reputation Defender to review their online track records. It is a huge task, calling for close attention and a lot of effort. But for a small business owner or entrepreneur, the huge amount of work involved can be overwhelming. That is why it is always advisable to enlist the services of a reputable team of reputation management specialists.

It is important to know the best ways to boost search results for an organization in today’s online setting. A good reputation management system will definitely take responsibility and control over your track record to make sure that when somebody searches for you they are seeing the very best you that they can.

Online reputation management firms can walk you through the procedure and cover every aspect of the process, from how things could go wrong to how you can fix them to how you can set up a system to build and maintain a great impression. They can show you the exact steps to safeguarding your online credibility.

Because your online reputation management objectives will likely change as your firm itself changes, it is vital to find an online reputation management firm that can cater to and also satisfy your needs at any stage of your business.

Thankfully, there are a lot of companies and professionals offering to help you monitor your reputation online and advise you on what to do in the event of a threat or attack. It is a good idea to research properly before making a decision. Have a look at the website of any company you are considering, browse the various sections to get acquainted with the services that they provide, and get in touch with them for a consultation.


The Litigation Process and Karl Heideck’s Career as a Litigator

The purpose of bringing a lawsuit before the court is for a particular right to be enforced. The litigation process entails the steps taken towards resolving the matter – it could be through negotiations or a trial in court.

  1. Complaint

The complaint is filed by the plaintiff. The complaint documents must include all the parties to the dispute, a brief description of the facts of the disputed issue, the pertinent legal claims, and specific damages caused by the actions or the lack of action of the defendant.

  1. Pleadings

The defendant is served with the complaint and asked to file a response within a given time framework

  1. Discovery, Settlement Conferences, Trial, and an Appeal

During discovery, parties to the dispute exchange information in a bid to gather evidence. Although there are given timelines, discovery is the most time-consuming part of the litigation process. The settlement conference is where the parties or their attorneys meet to try and resolve all or part of the issues in the litigation. It helps to reduce the time the case would have taken before a judge.

The trial may happen before a jury, or it could be a bench trial (where the judge decides the case alone). Both parties must provide consent to proceed to the trial by submitting a trial brief. If a party in the litigation is not content with the decision of the jury, or the judge, he or she may appeal to a higher court.

No one can downplay the importance of having a good litigator. He or she will not only represent you but also handle all the stages of the litigation process. To become a litigator, one must pursue a bachelor’s degree in law, pass LSAT, obtain a Juris Doctor Degree, take the bar exam, and finally, gain job experience by applying for entry level employment as a litigation attorney.

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About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is into general practice as a litigator. You may find him at Pepper Hamilton LLP or Jenkintown Law Firms. Karl Heideck has held his practicing license for eight years and counting.

Karl undertook his Bachelor of Arts degree at Swarthmore College. He then proceeded to Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law where he pursued Juris Doctor Degree. Karl Heideck has many skills in law such as civil litigation, corporate law, litigation, appeals, trials and intellectual property among many others.

For more information, contact Karl Heideck on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Betting Super Bowl Odds At

There are quite a few betting lines out for the Super Bowl, and they will grow the closer the NFL season comes to closing. The Super Bowl is the single-largest sporting event of every calendar year, it draws the most advertising dollars and it has the most betting lines attached. This article explains how helps every gambler find their favorite Super Bowl odds, bet them and watch the game unfold.

#1: What Are The Most Common Super Bowl Odds?

The most common odds for any game are the over/under, total points scored and the spread. The spread is used in football often as it is laid out in half-point increments. The spread has quite a lot of statistics attached, and each team has their own odds of covering the spread in any one game. The Super Bowl becomes a game of many bets when players go deeper as they search for gaming opportunities.

#2: Props And Parlays

Props and parlays are random events that may or may not happen during the course of the game, and each event has its own betting line. A certain player may put up a stat line, the halftime show may run over by a so many minutes or the commentators will say a certain name so many times. Props and parlays released by the largest casinos in the world are a fun play for someone who loves to gamble, and every player must ensure they take advantage of one or two props for a good laugh.

#3: Stringing Events Together

Several props and parlays involve several different events happening in sequence. The casino may lay out a scenario that is unlikely to happen, but the line may be 200 or 300 to 1. There is quite a lot of money to be made on something as simple as a five-dollar bet, and gamblers must attempt props and parlays they believe have a decent chance of occurring.

Gambling on Super Bowl odds at is quite simple for every player with an account. Signing up for a new account is quite simple, and players may load their accounts for gambling at once. Each new bet placed on the account is recorded, and players may watch the game play out as they check their stats on the site. offers an incredible user experience that all gamblers will enjoy as they watch the Super Bowl.

Mike Baur Helps People Understand Digital Companies

Many people are interested in starting new companies. One of the biggest differences regarding people who want to start new companies today compared to a decade ago is that more people prefer to start a digital company over a traditional company. There are numerous reasons why some people prefer starting a digital company over a traditional company. The specific reasons are important, but the idea of starting a digital company brings entirely new elements into the startup process.


The idea of a digital company is based more on the technology than a physical location. The technology is the heart of a digital company. While a traditional company has buildings as the physical core of the company, a digital company uses technology such as the internet to make its physical location in a digital world. People can go to a website of a digital company in the same manner as the physical location of a traditional company.


With a digital company, the same business services can be provided through a website as in most physical locations. However, the concept of the digital company is different, and the way that business is approached in a digital company is different than a traditional company. All business aspects of a digital company are approached from the view of the customer or visitor. The reason is because the view of the company is seen mainly from the digital view of the people looking at the digital company through resources such as a website.


While a digital company is physical in all aspects to the company, a digital company is digital to customers and company visitors. This is a mind set that must be developed within a digital company. In addition, the business operations of a digital company are different than a traditional company because of the concept of a digital company.


The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs start digital companies. The Swiss Startup Factory was started by three partners in 2014. One of the partners is Mike Baur. As one of the partners Mike Baur brings with him a very impressive professional resume. He has over 20 years of experience in the business world that comes primarily from the private banking industry.


Mike Baur has been very important in helping to make the Swiss Startup Factory one of the best privately funded startups in Switzerland. The company has earned a solid reputation regarding helping entrepreneurs start and run successful digital companies.



Handy Wavers but Remains Upright

Sometimes the path to success is clear, and other times it is a bit hazier and littered with tough decisions. In the case of, their path to success towards the end of 2016 resembled the latter. The start of the year was pretty nerve wracking for Oisin Hanrahan, the CEO of Handy. He decided in November 2015 that the company had to do something to push growth following the close of their Series C venture capital funding or they would not be able to obtain any more funding in the future.

Co-founder of Handy, Umang Dua, was more hesitant about Hanrahan’s plan, which involved rolling out an online onboarding process for the company in all of its 28 markets. Just a few months earlier the company had started a trial run of the onboarding process online in its DC and Miami markets but the results were not yet clear.

Hanrahan stated that they were hearing a lot of concern from VCs that they would only put money into Handy if they had proof of potential growth. Many were concerned that the home services platform had peaked in what was quickly becoming a flat industry.

In response to the issue, Hanrahan felt that they should rollout on the onboarding strategy in all markets at once which would allow the company to save millions every year and help propel them forward. Dua reluctantly agreed and they did. However, successful onboarding quickly jumped by over 40% the company was forced to cancel books because they did not have enough professionals to handle the demand. This led to customer complaints and an all-around bad scenario for Handy.

The company continued to stumble but stayed true to its course working on its platform and working on streamlining the online onboarding process and remedying flaws. Preservation turned out to be the savior for Hanrahan as things finally turned around by the time the first quarter closed. At the close of the second quarter it actually outpaced its onboarding completion rate before the online process was introduced and before long the markets turned around.


How Lori Senecal Benefits Women

Lori Senecal is a marketer. Lori Senecal works in the advertising industry. Therefore, it is her job to make sure that people are not only aware of her clients, but are also willing to do business with her clients. It takes a lot of creativity in order to be able to succeed at this mission. While Lori Senecal may not be a big personality, she is someone who is very creative. She is especially good at promoting women. This is something that women need. For one thing, they have come a long way when it comes to being seen as human and worthy of equal rights. However, the battle is not over yet. See:

One of the ways that Lori is a good example for women is that she shows a very level head that could be off putting to people who are more used to the more emotional types. She keeps cool in circumstances. When one thinks about Lori, one thing that would never come to mind is the word hotheaded. This is very helpful when it comes to business and getting the work done. In a world that loves to believe women to be on emotional roller coasters, Lori takes a more level and logical approach to business and life.

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W+K’s Colleen DeCourcy, CP+B’s Lori Senecal and Morgan Stanley’s Carla Harris discuss their experiences as leaders at the 3% Conference

This is not typical of a business leader. However, Lori Senecal has managed to be one of the top leaders in an industry that is very high in emotional energy. A large part of how she handles life could come from the way she was raised. She was raised in a world where people had to fight for attention. However, she has learned that this type of life does not work for her and that she has another option. She could pursue her own path and bring about the type of life that she wants.

One thing about Lori Senecal is that she inspires other people that are not like the rest. She has shown people that it is possible for one to find a way to succeed in life without having to be as everyone else. There is more than one path to walk.

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Spiritual Wisdom Studied at Kabbalah Centres

Kabbalah is not a religion, but it is an ancient wisdom that has been studied for over 4,000 years. The study of Kabbalah is not a bible study either; instructors teach practical principles of Kabbalah wisdom so that the student can understand the wisdom and spirituality that is found in it. This wisdom dates back to the days of Moses before God formed the Jewish people into the nation of Israel after 400 years of slavery to the Egyptians. Abraham is the first person known in Kabbalah history to have only one God, and Kabbalah believes this also.
Throughout history, Kabbalah has been passed down and mainly studied only by the elders. In the Kabbalah Centres of today, instructors teach students of all ages, all walks of life and nationalities. Instructors believe that Kabbalah can be taught to even a six-year-old because it is a spirituality that is simple. It is a practical study of the principles that help students understand their lives and make better decisions for themselves and their families.

Ancient Kabbalahists believe that at the center of every human being is joy and happiness, so they focus on allowing the spirituality to bring out that natural joy that is inside. Today, there are over 30 Kabbalah Centres located around the world, and they are designed to help students. Classes and instruction are held where students can come together and get answers for their problems. In the Centres, dinners are held monthly to allow students to fellowship, and most importantly, members come together to volunteer in their community. Karen Berg has stated that volunteerism is the best way to experience Kabbalah.

The first Centre was established in 1922 in Jerusalem Israel, and Michael and Karen Berg, from the United States, studied there. They stayed for 10 years studying the ancient manuscripts, and in the 1960s brought Kabbalah to America. They established a Centre in NYC holding classes and translating manuscripts into many languages of the world. Within two decades there were four Centres in the U.S., and Kabbalah University is online to reach students anywhere.

TOWN Residential Gives NYC Residents New Options

There are a lot of people that are interested in new properties in New York City. This is one of the most popular cities in the world, and people are quite impressed with what they can do here. There is never a dull moment in the city that never sleeps. That is why TOWN Residential stays busy. It is the type of real estate Company that is designed to help the wealthy secure the luxury spots throughout the city.


A large number of people are interested in renting places in Manhattan. This is where TOWN Residential Real Estate Agents are providing a lot of listings for potential buyers. People that are moving in Manhattan have a ton of options. There are many people that like to consider places in areas like Tribeca and Central Park. TOWN has the agents in place that can lead people to places that they may not have ever found without the help of agents.


There is a reason that TOWN Residential is important. There are literally thousands of properties in the New York area that are up for sale or lease at any time of the year. It is good to have these agents in place because they have the ability to actually give people access to what they want. This is often the problem with sorting through so many luxury problems in New York. People can search for a long time, but they may not be finding what they need in terms of location and design. This is especially true for residents that are new to New York.


The city can become quite confusing for anyone that is not familiar with the area. It is best to have a company like TOWN Residential that has the ability to show new residents into homes that are close to where they plan to work or spend their time after hours. With a TOWN agent people get the chance to see homes in relation to points of interest. They can find a home that is close to certain shopping malls or restaurants. They can find out how close they are to grocery stores or gyms. These are the types of things that people will consider when they are trying to see what area will best suit their needs.


New York caters to a large selection of people that are interested in living close to areas that they may work in. There are many people that depend on the train to get from one point to another. Lots of people do not drive at all. That is why location is so important to many residents. TOWN Residential has experienced people in place that can help people make sure that they care getting in a location that is best for their daily needs.


There are areas like SoHo that are perfect for some while the Upper or Lower East Side may be ideal for others. With thousands of potential properties it is important to have some home buying guidance.

Online Reputation Management

Business owners that market online should be consistent in maintaining a good reputation. One unhappy client within minutes can scar a business owners reputation. One way to prevent this from happening is to be aware of what people think of you. What people are saying about your brand can be tracked by using brand monitoring tools. There are even brand monitoring services that can help. Another thing business owners can do is set up Google Alerts. It doesn’t cost a penny to signup and Google will alert business owners whenever people post about their business. Post can be received daily, as it happens, or once a week. Notifications are sent to users email address. They even notify when people post outside of the United States.
One easy way as revealed by experts from Online Reputation Reviews to find out if there is any bad information online, is to do a company name search on each search engine. Click on the first two to three searches to see if anyone has left bad reviews or posted anything negative. Did you know that if your employees have a bad name that this can affect your reputation? You may want to do a search on them as well. If you find bad reviews try sending out an email to those clients to see if issues can be resolved. One way to work on building a reputation is to ask pleased clients to post positive reviews because some don’t even post reviews. Maintaining healthy social media accounts is another way to build and maintain a good reputation. By updating post regularly and posting positive information clients and potential clients will be drawn to a business. Combating bad online press can help prevent future problems.


What Investment Advisory Can Do For You

An investment advisory firm is dedicated to managing the assets of individuals, families, and small businesses with an objective perspective focused on their client’s best interests. The field requires a thoughtful integrity centered on their role as a trusted advisor. Such dedication allows investment advisors to best inform their clients while mitigating the self interest found in other areas of the financial world.

The relationship between a client and their investment advisor is one fostered by experience and trust. As a result, investment advisors should be experienced professionals educated in finance. The most trustworthy in the field offer years of experience advising in such a capacity. This ensures such important financial objectives such as retirement are met with the skill needed to ensure results.

Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm based out of Austin, Texas. The company was founded by Richard Blair with the aim of contributing significantly to the lives of the individuals, families, and small business owners which he has represented over the years.

Richard Blair was drawn to education by seeing first hand the power his mother, grandmother, and wife had as teachers. This experience allowed Richard the unique perspective of witnessing the importance of education in helping develop knowledge and confidence in all areas of life. Combined with a love and aptitude for finance, Richard soon discovered he held the power to help educate people and businesses on how best to meet their unique planning and investment goals. Wealth Solutions, Inc was founded in 1994 with the purpose of putting Richard’s financial talents and moral integrity to use by offering honest and practical advice to the multitude of clients seeking his knowledgeable and honest advise.

Since that time, Richard Blair has become an industry leader. Specializing in retirement planning, Richard helps his clients mitigate the risk involved in any investment strategy while maximizing potential. Since the beginnings of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair has aided countless individuals in reaching a secure and comfortable retirement.

The field of investment advisory requires professionals to maintain the highest ethical standards in order to properly serve the best interests of their varied clientele base. It is paramount for any investment advisor to offer objective advice based on the unique needs of their clients. Investment advisors like Richard Blair strive to make a difference in the lives of their clients by helping them to make the most informed decisions regarding their personal assets and financial future.

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