Chris Burch On Fashion And Technology

Both the fashion and technology industries are dynamic. Changes occur fast, technology and fashion are usually made obsolete in a very short period of time. A perfect example is the boom box. It would allow a user to carry their favorite songs and radio stations. It also provided users with the freedom to make copies of cassettes. The boom box was so popular that many movies in the 1980s had a boom box. This only increased the popularity of the boom box. In the 1990s the Walkman, which was more convenient, was invented. A decade later the music experience became even more personal with the invention of the iPod. These devices demonstrate the relationship between fashion and technology. Fashionable technology usually has a larger impact than non-fashionable technology.

Christopher Burch is a believer in the synthesis between fashion and technology. He is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He has a rich 40 year career both as an entrepreneur and investor. He has participated in the rise and growth of over 50 companies. He has a rare combination of intuitive understanding of customer behavior and international sourcing experience. Mr. Burch is well known for making innovative ideas have an impact in the world. His most successful venture to date is Eagle Eye Apparel. He started the company with his brother in 1976 with only $2000. Eagle Eye grew at a phenomenal rate and was eventually sold to Swire Group for $165 million. After the Eagle Eye sale he left fashion and went to investment. He was an early investor in the successful IPO of Internet Capital Group

Mr. Burch’s investment portfolio is very diverse. He has investments in fashion, real estate and technology. He has developed luxury homes in Nantucket, Florida, Southampton, New York and Palm Beach. He has also partnered with renowned architect Phillip Starke and Alana Faena, an hotelier, to develop the Faena Hotel Universe. He has also partnered with comedian and entertainer Ellen DeGeneres to launch her lifestyle brand ED in 2014. Nihiwatu and Cocoon9 are two are other large companies in Mr. Burch’s portfolio.

Mr. Burch believes that we are at an unprecedented nexus of fashion and technology. Design is playing a vital role in the creation of new technologies. He gives the example of Terese Alstin and Ann Haupt who have made bike protection fashionable. The two have created an airbag for cyclists that is won around the neck. During an accident the airbag pops out to protect the rider’s head. During normal riding the airbag offers an obstructed view of one’s surroundings. Mr. Burch believes that this example is just one of many that shows a future where technology and fashion create a more beautiful place to live in.

Jason Hope’s Technology Prediction From Arizona For Global Economy

Jason Hope is a very successful entrepreneur that has a passion and drive for technology. Jason received his degree in finance from Arizona State University and has a business background. He knows the relevance of technology in the 21st century and he is somewhat of a visionary for what has yet to come.

For those reasons, Jason has taken a wide-look at the Internet of Things (IoT) within his endeavors to understand how it affects the global economy. It is Jason’s theory that because of the investments by companies, which are estimated to reach billions of dollars by 2020, they will ultimately have no choice but to yield to the Internet of Things.

Jason’s belief is that companies are already in full force to structure capital to provide assurances to stakeholders that their businesses will be prepared for the marketplace. The companies that are already merging are showing their awareness that the Internet of Things is going to be a major factor in the future. Those alliances will be used to strengthen their capital, reduce liabilities, and sustain better profitability with their combined technology.

Because Jason is a futurist, his predictions have a realistic approach and they’re not based on any myths. They’re based upon fact, data and the pure technology required for achieving results.

Getting pass the point of being in a technological-free world will never be part of a global economy. Jason knows this very well and sees the power the Internet of Things as an opportunity for business growth. He strives for helping businesses get beyond their technological challenges and uses his abilities help them capitalize on those opportunities.

Jason says that with the modern age of the business society there is little slowing down of technology. He believes that the Internet of Things will be a dominant force for the future of global businesses.

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Julie Zuckerberg Positive Influence

Julie Zuckerberg redefines the art of talent acquisition. This renowned talent acquisition professional currently serves at the Deutsche Bank as an executive talent acquisition executive. She attended school at a City University, York-Brooklyn College. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy then studied her JD at New York Law School.


Career history


Julie has worked with high-in-class firms throughout her professional life. Julie Zuckerberg instigated her career while in Hudson. Here she worked as the candidate placement director from November 2002 to October 2007. Her position dictated her to lead the recruitment of case managers, support staff and attorneys in different enterprises. She recruited these officials both on a permanent and temporary contract basis. Most of her clients included banks and other financial institutions, law firms and well-known corporations. While at work, she participated in conflict resolution. As such, she bridged the gap between clients and staff. She always ensured that all the conflict resolution processes complied with the Employment Act.


Julie secured a new job with Citi Global Functions in 2007. She continued with her usual duties, serving as the executive recruiter. She stayed at Citi until 2011. Her work demanded that she provides executive recruitment for senior management staff in legal affairs, auditing and compliance. She was the first to introduce recruitment methods such as direct sourcing, social networking sites, employee referrals and internet employee search.


Julie’s work at Citi gave her the chance to offer recruitment services for the executive positions of managing director and director. As such, she worked with Citi Global and CitiCards. Besides, she chaired parleys and participated in the development of more multifaceted job bids that involved equity buyouts, clawbacks, and immigration among others.


Julie Zuckerberg also worked at the Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. Before she started working Deutsche Bank, she also served as an executive recruiter at the New York Life Insurance Firm. Julie joined the Deutsche Bank in 2015 and took up the position of an Executive Talent Acquisition Manager. She works with business managers in different sectors. Some of these individuals are in sectors such as Asset Management, Global technology, and Commercial Clients. Her main goal is to help push for talent acquisition strategies around the globe as well as the talent acquisition process improvement.


She is also tasked with the responsibility of spearheading managing director discussions and developments involving various corporate stakeholders. On occasions, negotiations involve key market risk takers. She provides strategic directions and trains different teams of professional recruiters under her jurisdiction. She is celebrated for the excellent firm leadership in acquiring governance and best practice in her industry. These best practices and governance enhance adeptness towards attracting the best possible talents in diverse sectors and regions.




When Julie Zuckerberg is not in the boardroom, she involves herself with different volunteer activities whose result is charity. She also puts in order counseling and coaching for employees who work in her industry. Animal welfare, culture, and arts are also in the list of her hobbies. Julie enjoys social actions, economic empowerment, and civil rights.



Marcio Alaor leads Banco BMG to new heights of success

Marcio Alaor is one of most decorated Brazilian executives serving as the Vice President in Banco BMG. He has been providing strategic guidance and intuitive leadership to the operation of this Bank and leading it to the new heights of success in Brazilian banking sector in spite of lagging economy and financial uncertainty. As a thoughtful philanthropist, he is also working hard to give back to the community for which he has been recognized a couple of times as well.



Marcio Alaor comes with a humble background from Santo Antônio do Monte. Even though he had a challenging childhood and had to do some odd jobs such as shoe shining, he never gave up his goals in life and studies. Once he finished his studies, Marcio embarked his professional career, and with sheer determination, he became the Vice President of Banko BMG. Right now, he is considered as one of the most successful executives and entrepreneurs in Brazilian banking sector.



Marcio played a crucial role in leading Banco BMG with its operations. This is an 85-year-old bank in Brazil that was going through a tough time during economic crisis since 2008. But Marcio along with his team members in the management committee has helped the bank to turn around. He has been developing innovative products and services for the Bank that has helped it to penetrate new markets. He also played a vital role in diversifying its products such a payroll, payday loans, cards and so on. Marcio has been rigorously working to promote the bank and actively involved in its campaigns. The bank is now considered as one of the biggest sponsors of Brazilian Football, Volleyball and Basketball teams. In addition to this, the bank also participates in a number of fairs and expositions. Marcio is also working on some new partnership with different investors and seeking new opportunities for the bank in different markets. Marcio has a keen interest in market trends and in-depth knowledge in the financial sector. He has been providing creative and thoughtful market insights to the consumers, entrepreneurs, and youth on different platforms.



In addition to a diversified professional career, Marcio is also involved with community work, and he has been highly dedicated to promoting the rural growth of his hometown, Santo Antônio do Monte. Although Marcio has excelled in the corporate world, he never broke his connection with his roots. He is always in touch with his friends, colleagues and local community that motivated him to achieve his personal and professional goals. He is involved with a number of social and voluntary causes to make his contribution to his community. As a reward of this, a food court (Marcio Alaor de Araújo) was opened after his name in the 33rd Expose Samonte or Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte.

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Glamorous Lip Balms: EOS Shimmers

The EOS shimmer smooth spheres are the newest edition to the EOS lip balm family. They have all of the same qualities of the original smooth sphere, but these add a touch of shimmer and a tint of color. This is the first time EOS has launch any lip balm with either color or shimmer. They come in two flavors: Sheer Pink and Pearl. The Sheer Pink flavor offer a tint of pretty pink shimmery color while the Pearl offers a frosted shimmer to the lips. These are great for those who enjoy a more natural look but want to add some sparkle for a special occasion. Or these are great for those who just want a little extra shimmer in their everyday lives. These lip balms have moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and antioxidant rich vitamin E. These ingredients will not only nourish your lips but will keep them smooth and protected. These offer long lasting moisture with mostly natural ingredients. This is a fuss free lip product that can easily reapplied throughout the day. These lip balms are gluten free. They are also free of petroleum, parabens, and phthalates.

If you are interested in purchasing the EOS shimmer lip balms, here is a link to their website:

The EOS lip balms are widely available online as well as in many different retail locations. They are available in retail locations such as Walmart, Target and even Walgreens. They are also available online through sites such as Amazon and eBay as well as many other online web sites.


The Dental Sleep Masters

Dr. Avi Weisfogel found the Dental Sleep Masters Company in 2014. Since then, the Dental Sleep Masters Company has worked to develop high-end and working solutions to the sleep apnea medical condition which has attacked most people in the United States. The company is based in New Jersey and works towards the development of solutions in medical research and dentistry to have the people get treated for their disease. The Dental Sleep Masters Company also works by innovation numerous people to make sure they are part of the working solution which enables them to develop their management positions.

The Dental Sleep Masters Company found by Weisfogel has worked to improve their medical plans in the medical field to have them develop solutions to the medical problem. The company has also sought to have many dentists in the United States get the education necessary to determine the disease among the population in the country and learn the various ways which work for different people to get the solution this problem. For them, they want to make sure than the oral care professionals are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge in the region to develop their solutions in the area.

The Dental Sleep Masters Company is part of the industry professionals who have dedicated their lives to have the people freed from most problems associated with dentistry. The company has also announced that it has partnered with the Dental Sleep Medicine as a diplomat in the American Academy in the country.

The American Dental Sleep Medicine Academy is a society in the United States which takes care of the sleep-related solutions to become passed on to the next generation of dentists in the country. As a matter of fact, their main aim is to have them skilled in the issuance of medical partitioning forms to have them conform to the standards of the latest technology.

For more than two decades, the American Dental Sleep Medicine Academy has worked with dentists in the country to develop solutions towards this problem. However, it was to their surprise that the Dental Sleep Masters Company has worked in an extra effort to develop more solutions using the latest technology.



The Work Of Technology Entrepreneur Jason Hope

The world of technology is ever changing on People today look to those who understand it well in order to help them make better sense of it. People who understand how technology functions have been able to carve a path for others to follow. Someone who knows well how to create the kind of future for the use of technology is entrepreneur and tech expert Jason Hope. Hope is someone who looks to the future and sees endless opportunity in front of him. He knows that the future is a place that people are busy creating now. It belongs, as he understands, to those who can seize the moment and use it well. As pioneer in this field, he hopes to show others how they can follow in his wake and look at the world in a different light. As a futurist on, he wants others to help bring his personal vision of the world to life right now. He wants others to see how they can directly change the world in front of them.

The Internet Of Things

As Hope looks around the world, he has come to realize that several trends stand out for him as important markers that will become even more important in the future. Perhaps the most important of all such ides is the realization that, ever so slowly, many devices are becoming connected to the net. The result is that a person can walk through their lives each day and find it possible to do sorts of things online at The internet of things means that a person check on the temperature of their house even when they aren’t home or set the temperature of their fridge to a certain degree even if that house is their vacation house and located a thousand miles away.

Greater Changes

Jason Hope also sees many new changes that he thinks will come to the forefront in the coming year as increasing use of technology everywhere people go. The new year is often a time when futurists like him take the time to think about the changes they imagine will come forward and to fruition. Jason Hope seems several trends coming to the front as the year moves. This is why many people look to him for advice in order to determine what to do next when it comes to business ventures or ideas that might effect their personal lives in some way.

Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Are you aware that your online reputation can have a great impact on your success as a business person, or in your professional life?

If you are a business business person, corporate executive or professional, it is imperative that you have a good system for monitoring and managing your online reputation. A reliable online reputation management team can help you handle this task efficiently.

There is a reason large companies devote whole teams of Reputation Defender to review their online track records. It is a huge task, calling for close attention and a lot of effort. But for a small business owner or entrepreneur, the huge amount of work involved can be overwhelming. That is why it is always advisable to enlist the services of a reputable team of reputation management specialists.

It is important to know the best ways to boost search results for an organization in today’s online setting. A good reputation management system will definitely take responsibility and control over your track record to make sure that when somebody searches for you they are seeing the very best you that they can.

Online reputation management firms can walk you through the procedure and cover every aspect of the process, from how things could go wrong to how you can fix them to how you can set up a system to build and maintain a great impression. They can show you the exact steps to safeguarding your online credibility.

Because your online reputation management objectives will likely change as your firm itself changes, it is vital to find an online reputation management firm that can cater to and also satisfy your needs at any stage of your business.

Thankfully, there are a lot of companies and professionals offering to help you monitor your reputation online and advise you on what to do in the event of a threat or attack. It is a good idea to research properly before making a decision. Have a look at the website of any company you are considering, browse the various sections to get acquainted with the services that they provide, and get in touch with them for a consultation.


The Litigation Process and Karl Heideck’s Career as a Litigator

Karl Heideck Jenkintown, PA
Karl Heideck Professional Litigator

The purpose of bringing a lawsuit before the court is for a particular right to be enforced. The litigation process entails the steps taken towards resolving the matter – it could be through negotiations or a trial in court.

  1. Complaint

The complaint is filed by the plaintiff. The complaint documents must include all the parties to the dispute, a brief description of the facts of the disputed issue, the pertinent legal claims, and specific damages caused by the actions or the lack of action of the defendant.

  1. Pleadings

The defendant is served with the complaint and asked to file a response within a given time framework

  1. Discovery, Settlement Conferences, Trial, and an Appeal

During discovery, parties to the dispute exchange information in a bid to gather evidence. Although there are given timelines, discovery is the most time-consuming part of the litigation process. The settlement conference is where the parties or their attorneys meet to try and resolve all or part of the issues in the litigation. It helps to reduce the time the case would have taken before a judge.

The trial may happen before a jury, or it could be a bench trial (where the judge decides the case alone). Both parties must provide consent to proceed to the trial by submitting a trial brief. If a party in the litigation is not content with the decision of the jury, or the judge, he or she may appeal to a higher court.

No one can downplay the importance of having a good litigator. He or she will not only represent you but also handle all the stages of the litigation process. To become a litigator, one must pursue a bachelor’s degree in law, pass LSAT, obtain a Juris Doctor Degree, take the bar exam, and finally, gain job experience by applying for entry level employment as a litigation attorney.

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About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is into general practice as a litigator. You may find him at Pepper Hamilton LLP or Jenkintown Law Firms. Karl Heideck has held his practicing license for eight years and counting.

Karl undertook his Bachelor of Arts degree at Swarthmore College. He then proceeded to Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law where he pursued Juris Doctor Degree. Karl Heideck has many skills in law such as civil litigation, corporate law, litigation, appeals, trials and intellectual property among many others.

For more information, contact Karl Heideck on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Betting Super Bowl Odds At

There are quite a few betting lines out for the Super Bowl, and they will grow the closer the NFL season comes to closing. The Super Bowl is the single-largest sporting event of every calendar year, it draws the most advertising dollars and it has the most betting lines attached. This article explains how helps every gambler find their favorite Super Bowl odds, bet them and watch the game unfold.

#1: What Are The Most Common Super Bowl Odds?

The most common odds for any game are the over/under, total points scored and the spread. The spread is used in football often as it is laid out in half-point increments. The spread has quite a lot of statistics attached, and each team has their own odds of covering the spread in any one game. The Super Bowl becomes a game of many bets when players go deeper as they search for gaming opportunities.

#2: Props And Parlays

Props and parlays are random events that may or may not happen during the course of the game, and each event has its own betting line. A certain player may put up a stat line, the halftime show may run over by a so many minutes or the commentators will say a certain name so many times. Props and parlays released by the largest casinos in the world are a fun play for someone who loves to gamble, and every player must ensure they take advantage of one or two props for a good laugh.

#3: Stringing Events Together

Several props and parlays involve several different events happening in sequence. The casino may lay out a scenario that is unlikely to happen, but the line may be 200 or 300 to 1. There is quite a lot of money to be made on something as simple as a five-dollar bet, and gamblers must attempt props and parlays they believe have a decent chance of occurring.

Gambling on Super Bowl odds at is quite simple for every player with an account. Signing up for a new account is quite simple, and players may load their accounts for gambling at once. Each new bet placed on the account is recorded, and players may watch the game play out as they check their stats on the site. offers an incredible user experience that all gamblers will enjoy as they watch the Super Bowl.