Music creates limbo brain

25 Oct


Hum, hum, home … something, something, da-ti-da.

Have you ever had that happen? Scratch that, it has had to happen to everyone.
You hear a song, somewhat like it, and then … caput. It’s gone. You might remember a word, a phrasing, but that’s it. Unless you search endlessly on the Internet or randomly hear it again somewhere, it’s stuck in this place inĀ  limbo brain.

Yesterday, I was trying on some clothes at H&M. It’s unusual for me to like what I see in the mirror in a changing room, but yesterday was different. Perhaps it was because I had just finished an interview. Or maybe it was because I had just consumed a Pecan-caramel Cinnabon and I was on a sugar high. Nonetheless, I heard a song that was super catchy and enjoyed it. It had been the background of a commercial recently or on tv, so I recognized the chorus. But it wasn’t until I heard the song in its entirety that I realized that I needed it on one of my playlists. Over and over in my head, I hammered the first line of the chorus in so that I wouldn’t forget it.

Unfortunately, when I got home, there was dinner to make, a stray cat to feed and numerous other jobs to apply for. The song was forgotten. Until this morning.

So here I have been for a good 45 minutes, trying to write in my journal, find more jobs to apply to, news to read, and I can’t pay attention. Instead, I have a few bars from this song and the word “home” stuck at the front.

After searching on Spotify, writing random things in Google, I just wrote “Home” in ITunes. And there it was. “Home” by Phillip Phillips. I listened to it a couple times and it is definitely still catchy. Didn’t know until now that he was the winner on American Idol (don’t watch that show) and that was his coronation song. Not sure it’s my absolute favorite, but what I know for sure is that the song is out of my limbo brain. I can finally concentrate on the rest of my day.

Until something similar happens, which always happens.

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