Damn you, Pinterest!

4 Apr
Yeah, this will never be me. Although, it does sound appealing every now and then.

Yeah, this will never be me. Although it does sound appealing every now and then.

I’m in a lunch rut, and I blame Pinterest. Every day, new recipes appear en mass on the website. Instructions to create “alternatives” to your boring lunch routine. Fresh wraps, deconstructed sandwiches, and salads that pack more gusto than that turkey and cheese on wheat that you are currently holding. And I’m that sucker who pins these recipes on my “Lunch Time!” board, writing the ingredients down for my next grocery shopping extravaganza. And while said food items are stocked in my refrigerator and cupboards, just awaiting me to put my chef’s hat on – they stay waiting in their place, instead of filling my lunch bag.

I just can’t do it. Oh, I physically can – but mentally, it’s just not happening. I could make a fantastic lunch ahead of time the night before, or I could spend that time laughing along with Blake Shelton on “The Voice.” And I could wake up a few minutes earlier, yet that time is usually spent catching up on much needed sleep or getting my ass kicked by Jillian Michaels. With five minutes left before I absolutely have to head out the door, I fling a frozen entrée, bagged carrots, and some sort of fruit in my purse – while tripping over various items in all my frenziness. And while I promise myself that tonight or tomorrow morning will be different, that has yet to be seen.

Pinterest has been a godsend and a burden since it’s arrival in my life. I can’t live without it, yet I feel so worthless with it’s intrusion all at once. My crock pot has never felt as loved as it does now, and I thank the website for that. A few soup and casserole recipes have finally made my purchase of a Ninja seem reasonable, and more than one apple crisp has been deemed delicious in my apartment. Yet, Pinterest makes me feel like I should “do more,” “create more,” and just “be more.” If I were a “better” person, I would assemble freezer-bagged mixes on the weekends for easier weekday dinners. If I could organize my time more efficiently, I could color-coordinate my apartment, whip up infused scents, and make my own soap – saving money and instilling a bit of Feng Shui all at the same time.

Basically, I feel inadequate and pushed to become the “ultimate woman.” Our society already pushes the female gender to have it all, Pinterest just keeps us in line – reminding us that are no limits on the road to perfection.

I’m starting to come to terms with this double-edged sword Pinterest has bestowed on us. While I could make dinners on a Sunday afternoon, I could also spend time conversing in a local bar over one of my favorite red ales. And like I said, I could wake earlier and create a noon dinner inspired by the lunch lady gods, I could also hit the snooze button again so that I don’t prowl around the office in a bitchy mood all day.

So I shake my fist at Pinterest and say, “Whatever.” Yeah, I’m not that incredibly pissed, just aggravated that I allow a website to make me feel that way. And yet, I won’t quit it because I find it so damn useful. I would never have made sweet and sour meatballs or Panera-inspired broccoli and cheese soup part of my regular supper routine without it. Pinterest has made my “want” list super long, because of all the pretty dresses and shoes that I never knew I HAD to buy. So, thanks for that.  I won’t ever be that flawless individual and I know it. So I will continue to pack boring lunches packed with preservatives, while stocking my fridge with ingredients that won’t be used. My Granny Smith apple may not be accompanied by a sweet caramel/vanilla drizzle and my ranch dressing for my veggies may not be homemade – so what? It’s hard enough finding two matching shoes in the morning.

One Response to “Damn you, Pinterest!”

  1. breezyk April 5, 2013 at 12:37 am #

    I’m the same- always have grand lunch plans and it never works out! Keep up the good fight!

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