The Notebook (yeah, I’m going there)

29 May


Hey girl. It’s okay if we cheat on our diets. But I’ll never cheat on you.  – That is what my fiancé just sent me via text. And then I knew. It’s finally time to introduce him to The Notebook.

It’s not going to be a huge surprise for him. I mean, he actually is quite the Ryan Gosling fan, and can quote many of his “Hey Girl” memes off the top of his head (and come up with some mighty fine ones himself). Yet, film after film of Gosling’s sad puppy dog eyes, we haven’t gotten around to watching the tearjerker enchilada of all of his movies together.

And honestly, I think he wants to see it. Before seeing A Place Beyond The Pines, Crazy, Stupid, Love and Blue Valentine (yes, we go to a lot of movies), he always half joked of seeing the motherload of Ryan’s movies. When discussing which stars we find the hottest, if he has to choose male, it’s always his main man R.G. (For the record, for me – always Harrison Ford (without an earring) for men and Kate Beckinsale or Rachel Weitsz for women.)

I have never been a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks’ novels, but the movie versions always seem to top the actual written word. I remember renting The Notebook, not wanting to see it in the theaters with all that “hype” (although, secretly, I kind of did). And as a chick flick, this does rank pretty high in my book. Illness, death, a torrid romance, having to choose, flowery speeches, passionate moments – it really does have all of what every romantic film checklist requires.

And hey, Jessica Simpson and R. Kelly both claim that the movie somewhat contributed to their divorces. Gosling also has heard of people breaking up due to the film. So, obviously the piece did something right (or wrong, whichever way you want to see it).

So, I loaded The Notebook as my top queue pick on Netflix, and I’m getting pretty excited about its arrival in my mailbox. It’s just one of those movies that I never thought we’d ever watch together, but after he sat down last weekend to watch a Lifetime movie – I have a good feeling about this. :)

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