Wedding Blog No. 3: Colors

7 Jun

45ee7e827e3ef5bf5b76e3ea403d3b3bHonestly, I’m kind of “eh, it’s going to be okay” when it comes to decorations and other details of the big upcoming day.

Of course, I have to have plans, and of course those plans need to be set in motion in the near future – it’s just I haven’t really given it the ‘ole heave-ho thought yet.

We are holding the event at a really cute (it seriously is) winery out in the country in the middle of Iowa. It’s going to be late fall at that time (please don’t snow!), and so I really just want to go with the theme of the locale and the season: Simple and rustic. My parents are all on board with this – from the natural-fibered materials to the dried flowers sitting in Ball jars. Natural, natural, natural (and simple, I think I’ve said that already.)

And although Pinterest inspires me immensely, I’m one of those people who look at all the DIY-projects and go, “That’s pretty cool.” And that’s it. I wish I was more of a go-getter on that kind of stuff, but I have come to realize that, sadly, I’m not.

With the rustic, simple Iowa theme – same goes for the food. Good ‘ole fashioned food that you expect from the state: Pork, veggies (hopefully including homemade bread and butter pickles!), bread, and pie. Yes, pie. No cake. Just apple and cherry pie.

So I think the decorations and food will be just fine.

My hold up has really been the colors.

“What are your wedding colors?”

“I don’t know? Fall?”

“What colors of fall?”

“Um, like natural colors of fall?”

I’m really good at being descriptive, as you can tell. I love everything about the season, and that is what excited me about having an autumn wedding in Iowa: The leaves, river water, ditch flowers, dried up everything – I love it. So that’s what I want.

And as much as I have wanted not to have a couple hues to call my “wedding colors”, I am finding that not possible. Because the bridesmaids and groomsmen all have to be clothed and whatnot. But with what?

Do I want to go all different colors of fall? Hodgepodge it and call it good? I have seen a lot of really good Pinterest photos with the such. Or one color, same dresses? How ’bout one color, different dresses? Or same color, different hue, different dresses? Aahh! I don’t know!

It has been a pretty easy road thus far until this one snag.

I haven’t really encountered a wedding yet where the colors haven’t been planned out. So, that’s me being different: Yay, indecision!

Yesterday, I put out a call to my bridesmaids asking for help. To my mom asking for help. And finally, I thought, well, what would I want to wear? And it finally came to me.

Since the whole vintage-rustic-y theme of the wedding will be somewhat fall-inspired, I think if I go down that road with the rest (if I add more fall colors, mixed or the same) – it might feel a bit washed out. And I might not be super impressed with the outcome. I thought about my own style. I try to mix vintage and classic. So classic it is. A color that never seems to go out of style and can be paired with multiple colors.

Midnight blue. I feel like that shade mixed in with the peaches, browns, oranges, and lavenders of fall will be perfect. Or close to it, anyway.

Finally, one more thing crossed off the list!

3 Responses to “Wedding Blog No. 3: Colors”

  1. EMC June 7, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

    Midnight Blue will be very pretty and you can match so much with it.

    My cousin is getting married in September and her colors of “shades of beidge”… I’m interested to see how that turns out.

    • Carrie Olson June 7, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

      Interesting…please tell when you do go to it! I’m very curious!

  2. Brooke's Sister June 7, 2013 at 7:18 pm #

    It will be simply beautiful, the blue with earth tones will be perfect. Look how beautiful all of nature is in the fall with its oranges, yellows and browns all complimented by a blue ski.
    The deep blue will be even better!

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