Mike Baur, CTI, and the Swiss Start Up Factory Are Making Moves

The Swiss Start Up Factory likes to speed things up. This is why the firm is referred to as an accelerator. Thanks to the work of founding partner Mike Baur, the Swiss Start Up Factory is putting the proverbial foot on the accelerator pedal to help budding entrepreneurs and new companies. Entrepreneurs involved in the digital industry can look towards the Zurich-based Swiss Factory Start Up as a great source of support and assistance. The company could aid new businesses and self-motivated entrepreneurs to thrive in the market.

Thriving in the market means generating income. Startups are often troubled by a lack of cash flow during the early stages of existence. With Mike Bauer at the Swiss Start Up Factory providing support, it may become easier for a new company to experience better growth and increased revenues.

Things are moving forward for the Swiss Start Up Factory as evidenced by a new strategic partnership. The company has launched a partnership with CTI Invest, a top financing entity for “innovative startups” in Switzerland. Sometimes, when a startup has a solid and revolutionary business idea, traditional venture capital firms may be a little leery. They just do not understand the vision of creative startups. Ironically, it is the creative startups that come with the greatest potential for dramatic success. Facebook and Google would be perfect examples of these types of outstanding startup ventures.

Mike Baur, incidentally, is the Deputy Managing Director of CTI. His presence with the company should prove extremely beneficial to would-be clients. After all, he is very partial to entrepreneurs and startups.

CTI Invest and “the Factory” are joining together to host a number of events. Swiss Startup Day is going to be one of them and it should prove to be exceptionally helpful to anyone who wishes to learn more about the value both firms can provide. Perhaps even someone who is just reading about the events taking place could use the news as a motivating factory in launching a startup.

In time, the full value and benefit of the joint partnership and its effect on the Swiss startup scene will be revealed.

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