The Dog Food Market Is Always Getting Better

Beneful is a dog food that dogs love. It is a dog food that is produced by Purina. Purina is a dog food company that is know all over the world for the quality of dog food that they produce. Beneful dog food only uses the highest quality products for its dog food. Beneful is packed with vegetables, meat, and wholesome grains. Beneful has dry dog food (, wet dog food and treats. Their official website is beneful/com.
There are many people that do not understand the degree to which dog food is tested. Dog food receives more testing than human foods and medications. Even though that is the case, Purina goes above and beyond to make sure that they are only giving dogs the highest quality dog food available. Purina has a quality assurance team that works on the quality of the food. They are not only concerned about the ingredients in the food, but they focus on nutrition. They make sure that their product is fresh and safe from their distributors all the way to their clients.

The Daily Herald recently did a interview with Richard Thompson. Thompson is the owner of Freshpets. This is a dog food company that manufactures fresh and organic dog food that has to be bought in the refrigerator section of the store. Freshpets is a company that had gotten into the multi-million dollar pet food industry. Now more than ever dog owners care about what their dogs are eating. If they are individuals that eat vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, grain free, or Paleo, then they want their pets to eat the same way.

Dog owners want to be sure that their dogs are eating food that is of the highest quality. There have been many new companies that have come up, and their goals is to make dog food that is organic and nutritious. Not only have new companies been getting into the organic dog food market, but many of the larger dog food companies are jumping on board as well. These companies want to be able to compete, and they are constantly making changes to their current products in order to make them more desirable and available on Walmart to their clients.

Sam Tabar: Leading The New York City Financial Market

Sam Tabar got his education at Oxford University and then went on to further his studies at Columbia Law School. Tabar is both a capital strategist and an attorney. Tabar started out practicing law as an associate at an LLP firm, Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flow. After a few years, he decided to change his field to capital strategy and business development. In this field, Tabar has worked for Merrill Lynch and the SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors. At these firms he had positions like co-head of business development, managing director, head of capital strategy in Asia-Pacific and Director. If was after many years in this arena, that Tabar then decided to make the move back to law. With his practice, he chooses to work with fund structure and formation, hedge funds, and compliance and regulatory issues.

In the last few months, an announcement was made that Tabar would be named FullCycle Energy Fund’s chief operating officer. In this role, he will mainly look after the company’s strategy for fund management. The announcement was made in Private Equity Wire and included many more details. The article quoted Tabar as saying that he was not only honored but also very much looking forward to working with the company and its leadership.

It is also well known that Tabar has made some big moves. This is especially true of his time at Merrill Lynch. Tabar was commonly in the news various investment decisions he had made and more. One of the major announcements that was made happened at the end of 2013. Bloomberg reported that Tabar getting on board with Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP and helping to advise hedge funds. His main goal in this endeavor is to work with the current clients that the firm has, mostly in New York City, and to also expand into Asia. This is a perfect fit for Sam Tabar as he has plenty of connections with fund managers and other investors. This has only been helped by his ability to fluently speak english, Japanese and French. Tabar is very excited about this new market in Asia. He has explained on Twitter that it is a market that is rapidly growing and maturing and there have been significant surges in money invested in Asian hedge funds. The numbers have reached a little over 103 billion dollars.

Organo Gold CEO Bernado Chua announces expansion of operations to Turkey

On April 30th, 2016 Organo Gold, who supplies premium gourmet beverages, announced that they would be opening operations in Turkey. This move will provide a nexus point for the company’s Asian, European, and African operations and help expand CEO’s Bernado Chua’s vision for company expansion. Expansion into Turkey was a natural next step, based on the country’s burgeoning interest in the nutraceutical market and the unique offerings Organo Gold has to offer.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Organo Gold has set itself apart by offering coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and personal care products made with the Chinese Herb Ganoderma Lucidium. This herb has long been renowned for it’s health boosting properties. All of the Ganoderma Lucidium in Organo Gold’s products is Certified Organic. You can learn more about the company it’s wide selection of products on their website here.

Organo Gold was founded by Bernado Chua in 2008. Previously Chua developed a strong background in international distribution during his time as acting executive for the Phillipine firm Gano Exel Phillipines. During his time with Gano Exel he helped expand operations to Hong Kong, Canada and the United States. A strong and visionary entreprenuer, Bernado Chua has a clear drive for expansion. This passion is clear with Organo Gold’s recent expansion to Turkey and previous international operations. Under his leadership the company has climbed to the 55th rank in international direct marketing companies.

Chua’s success is clearly documented by his awards for Direct Sales Company of the Year Award, which he received a total of five time. He is also the recipietn of the “Outstanding Global Entreprenuer” Award, a title his ambition expansion plans for Organo Gold clearly justify. Under his leadership Organo Gold has risen to rank 55th in international direct marketing companies.

“Miranda Lambert Is Hell on Heels”

All of Hollywood has been buzzing about Miranda Lambert after she stepped out onto the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards. She not only graced the red carpet with her beauty but stole the show wearing a very sexy floor whipping yellow number designed by Christian Siriano. The plunging neckline and thigh slit showed off her cute little body sure to land her a deal with Jenny Craig soon.

People aren’t just talking about the dress or the country music singer she took as her date, and spoiler alert it was not Blake Shelton. What stuck with everyone after seeing the dress was her shoes. They were strappy and sexy pink with an added adornment of a little holstered pistol hanging delicately onto the side strap. No one could have worn it better than Miranda. She always seems to add a little of her own personal flair in everything she puts on. She was the total package and really brought to life the very image of her hit single hell on heels.

Following the red carpet debut of those sassy high heels women all over have been gaga over getting their own pair. Not everyone is a pistol toting country star and may not want that exact look but luckily JustFab allows women to find their own style at a much more affordable price.

Our pick after seeing Miranda’s trend setting heels are the lockette in white found on JustFab.These are perfect for spring, and are sure to add a little sass and a little boldness to any outfit.

JustFab on pinterest was founded in 2010 by Adam Goldenberg and DOn Ressler. JustFab is a famous online fashion retailer that sells its products through a subscription process. It has 35 million members and it offers shoes, jewelry, denim clothes and handbags to all its loyal clients. It has three division namely: Fabletics, FabKids and ShoeDazzle. The company mainly offers a highly personalized shopping experience that is based on its member’s fashion preferences.

Premium Dog Foods Making Dogs Live Longer

Healthy food is one way that we can maintain our health, ward off disease, and maintain mental clarity. The manufacturers of healthy food realize that the public trends are leaning heavier towards foods with low fat, low sodium and that are healthier for us. The dog food industry is beginning to cash in on these trends as well.

Foods that look and smell as good as what we put on our own plates is all the trend in the premium dog food industry. This industry understands that the pet owners want to feed their pets the same way that they and their family eats. These premium foods are a bit more expensive but they are flying off shelves at an alarming rates.

Beneful has been making premium foods for quite some time. Their foods are filled with lean meats and whole grains and healthy vegetables. These ingredients are mixed to offer great tastes that dogs will love, and healthy foods that will help them live longer. PurinaStore’s Beneful foods come in both wet and dry food varieties as well as many delicious, healthy treats that dogs will love.

Heart healthy ingredients like lamb and salmon are among some of the better ingredients that are finding their way into premium foods. Some need refrigeration, while others have expiration dates to ensure the food is served when it is at its freshest. Dog food makers desire to help pet owners feed their pets the best foods that will elongate their lives and help them live happier and healthier.

Beneful works hard to offer healthy mixes for every dog. No matter what the age or energy level of your dog, they have a formula that will help your dog feel healthier and be stronger. Energy to live a happy life takes good ingredients and fresh food.

We love our dogs and want them to have happy lives with us. One way that we can help them have better lives is through serving them better foods. Premium dog foods may cost a bit more, but they are well worth it when speaking of having our pets live longer and stay with us longer. Beneful is available online:



Igor Cornelsen: the State of the Brazilian Economy

Brazil is one of the most popular nations in the word, and it is considered one of the biggest in the continent. The country is always in the headlines mostly because of the sporting activities that take place there. Not long ago, the world cup was held in the country, and this year, the Olympic Games will also take place there.

The Brazilian football team is also one of the best and strongest teams in the world, having won several times in the international games held every four years. The country is also very rich in natural resources, and it makes many investors have a special interest in it. It has a lot of potential due to this natural resources, and it has the capacity of becoming a powerful nation in economics.

However according to, Brazil has been making headlines for the wrong reasons in the past years. The country has been under the leadership Dilma, and her populist ideas have not been making the country grow economically. The president was re-elected just recently, and people are worried that the state of the economy will get worse.

The Brazilian president has been promising her citizens that things will change in the near future, but many experts believe that she will continue to be loyal to her populist ideas, and the economy of the Brazilians might worsen.

The Brazilian public sector has been the most affected by the economic crisis. According to Igor Cornelsen, a financial expert who is based in the country, a new experiment that was conducted on the government owned institutions indicated that the economy was stagnant, and he too believes that it is still early to save the country from going down.

According to Igor Cornelsen, the country needs to implement some ideas. First of all, he asks the president of the country to appoint the right minister for finance who has the right knowledge and experience in the financial matters. Igor Cornelsen also advises the country to ensure that the minister has enough educational qualification so that he can make the right decisions in the financial departments.

The small investors have also been left out in the financial economic of the country. These people play an important role in the state of the economy, and the fact that they are ignored means that the country can never do well in growing the economy. The private banks have been reserved for the accredited investors only, so the rest people from the middle class are only supposed to get their help from the government institutions or forget about their investment plans. Igor advises the small investors to look for ways to invest and have confidence that they can do well and finally improve the state of the country’s economy.

Presidential Canidate John Kasich Gets Donation From Unusual Source

The republican Presidential contender and Governor of Ohio John Kasich has recently received quite a great deal of scrutiny for a rather large donation from a highly unlikely source – George Soros. The Federal Election Commission states that the $ 488,375 donation was made out to one of Kasich’s soft money funds, a political action committee called New Day for America, not by Forbes billionaire George Soros directly but by two esteemed hedge fund managers working under him named, Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent, respectively.
This Latino fox news raised many hackles on both sides of the political divide, though especially from the left given how prominent George Soros has been on that side of the political scene for decades. Soros has been particularly active as of late in two particular areas, speaking out against stricter border control defense initiatives (notions primarily espoused by the majority of the GOP candidates) and bolstering Hillary Clinton’s campaign by financing one of her own super PACs to the tune of 8 million dollars. Many on bloomberg questioned why someone such as George Soros, a prominent leftist and Democrat, would be giving money to John Kasich, a long standing Republican.

The answer to this curious conundrum may lie in the fact that Kasich is far, far more moderate in regards to his positions on immigration and border control than any of the other presidential contenders and, should he be nominated, may possibly be able to bridge the ideological gap between the GOP and the Democrats. Soros, given his long standing and vociferous position against tighter and more authoritarian border defenses, could be trying to ensure that the border is left fairly permeable by backing supporters of his cause on both sides of the political aisle (a la, Kasich and Clinton). No public statement has yet come to light from either Soros, Bessent, Druckenmiller nor Kasich or any member of his staff but such a curve ball donation is likely to bring too much attention to be ignored, therefore it seems only a matter of time before the exact details behind the donation come to light.

A Zika Virus Vaccine Could Be In Advanced Trials By Fall 2016 According To Brazilian Doctor Sergio Cortes


The Zika virus has demonstrated that it is more than a virus that causes fever, red spots, and muscle aches. Once the virus enters the human bloodstream, it makes it way to the salvia, urine, semen and even the spinal fluid of its victims. Researchers have found the virus in the amniotic fluid of pregnant women and the brains of fetuses. Scientists still haven’t proved that Zika and microcephaly are connected, but the number of cases of the disease that changes the brains and skulls of fetuses is proof enough for doctors like Sergio Cortes. For the last 11 months, Dr. Cortes has been trying to identify what the virus is capable of doing to the body once people are infected.

Brazil has been the melting pot for this 69-year-old virus that was named after the Zika forest in Uganda. More than 1.5 million people in Brazil have Zika, according to the Brazil’s Ministry of Health. Dr. Cortes told the online magazine that Zika virus symptoms only appear in one out of five infected people, so the 1.5 million number is low. Dr. Cortes thinks the actual number of infected people in Brazil is is 7.5 million people. And the scary thought right now is scientists don’t know how long Zika stays in the body. Some researchers believe the virus could become dormant, and then reappear and cause health issues in the future.

Dr. Cortes post an article written by French researchers that added another disease to the growing list of maladies that might be connected to Zika on his LinkedIn page. During an outbreak of Zika in French Polynesia in 2014, several people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome once the initial symptoms disappeared. Guillain-Barre syndrome causes paralysis, and in five percent of those cases, the person never recovers. The French have been studying the Zika virus longer than any other research group, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes Facebook page.

Dr. Cortes recently told his Twitter followers that a vaccine for the Zika virus could be in the advanced trial stage by fall 2016. That means people living in the United States will have to go through the summer trying to avoid being infected with the virus. One scientific report said that the only way to avoid being bitten by the Zika carrying mosquito species is to live a mile and a half above sea level. That means most of the populated areas in the U.S. is at risk.

Noticias R7 reports the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control have issued emergency warnings, and they have posted precautionary measures that can help people avoid the dangerous mosquitoes, but the truth is more than 70 percent of the population in the United States could be targets.

Pet Owners Leaning Toward Dog Food That is More Like Human Food


Pet owners seem to have become even more passionate about their dogs in recent years from purchasing insurance for their pets and buying the best quality foods. Premium dog food sales have risen steadily since 2009, according to a Daily Herald article. With so many options on the market, health conscious dog owners may not know what to buy for their pets. New companies to the pet food industry are marketing their food as good enough for humans to eat urging pet owners to treat their dogs as family members. Some are certified organic and others have farm fresh ingredients with meat as the main ingredient.

Big names are also jumping on the healthy premium pet food band wagon. Purina is offering a special food for senior dogs called Bright Minds. The food is supposed to be easy to digest with triglycerides made from coconut oil good for older dogs slowing metabolism and promoting healthy brain function. Purina also acquired Merrick, which is one of the first certified organic pet foods on the market.

As part of the Purina brand, Beneful is one of the big names in the pet food industry offering quality food at an affordable price. With plants located only in the United States, Beneful is dedicated to safety and nutrition. With eight varieties of dry dog food and 20 varieties of wet dog food, pet owners have many options when it comes to Beneful foods. Much like other premium dog food, Beneful is made to be more like human food. Their wet food line, Chopped Blends, offers many selections with real beef, chicken and turkey as the main ingredient. Beneful also makes treats that will improve dog’s dental health.

The company is dedicated to safety and quality hiring only experts in the fields of nutrition and safety. Their quality dog food goes through stringent safety inspections starting with the ingredients entering the plants all the way through processing to the stores. Labs located in all plants test regularly for toxins to ensure safety and quality of each product that leaves the plant.





The U.S billionaire, economist and philanthropist, George Soros, is always in the limelight when it comes to the political and economical state of affairs. He is the founder of the Open Society Foundations and the Soros Fund Management. ( He studied Economics in London, and when it comes to economic and political agendas, he always gives his piece of mind.
He donates funds to various organizations both for social and political motives. In the year 2004, for instance, he gave more than $20 million to oust the president then, George.W.Bush. In the year 2012, he generously supported the re-elections of the current President Barrack Obama by bestowing an enormous amount of money. December last year he granted the presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton’s campaigns six million U.S dollars. This undoubtedly reveals that he is an active political participant. (
In a recent economic forum, George Soros plainly notified the investors and the country at large that another financial crisis episode is imminent. The Chinese Yuan is currently depreciating and therefore, the global economy is at a risk of undergoing a great economic depression. There is an economic slowdown in China and the economic unrest is resulting from China trying to transform into the new growth model.
George Soro pointed out that there is a similarity between the current financial situations of the 2008 financial crisis. The 2008 predicament resulted from the financial markets recklessly trading off mortgages and other assets without considering the money supply in the economy. As a consequence, there was inflation, and the interests rates rose exceedingly. This calamity spread to the global economy. High-interest rates became the setbacks to the thriving economy by then. In the current situation, however, China is the victim, and it is heading into a recession. Prices of oil are crashing in the major cities markets such as in London, Shanghai and New York. Shares are being dumped, and there is less trading in the securities as there is increased tension. Soro Fund Management exited its bet on Herbalife and so have many other investors. The necessary economic measures should, therefore, be taken to avoid the fall of the global economy. (