Fifi And Fuji Don’t Mix

I have a dog with food allergies. It’s kind of odd, because we only found out about Fifi’s apple allergy when we started giving her various fruits as a treat. Most dogs can handle lots of fruits, from bananas and apples to blueberries and watermelon. As far as I’m aware, the only fruit they really shouldn’t eat is grapes.
After Fifi started having tummy problems when we fed her apple, we eliminated it from her diet completely. However, some weeks later we realized she was getting sick again when we switched her dog food. We scrutinized the ingredients (which were not very complete) and even called the company. There was no proof that there was apple in the dog food, but we are pretty sure that that’s what it was, because Fifi has never been allergic to any other food.

Since then, we have gone strictly to Beneful dog foods by Purinastore. We like this brand because while several flavors do feature fruit, the ingredients are pretty clearly stated. We simply do not feed Fifi the one that has apple in it, which is the Healthy Weight formula.

Fifi’s favorite dog food from Beneful is the Playful Life dry dog food. This dog food is great for high energy dogs, which really suits Fifi as she’s only two years old and very active. She also loves it because it has real blueberries in the formula, and blueberries are her favorite fruit. Thank goodness she’s not allergic to those!

We also regularly buy Fifi on Walmart the Beneful Originals with salmon. This dry food features sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots in addition to the salmon. We have been known to feed Fifi cooked sweet potato before with great results, so we were happy to discover a dog food with this veggie.

From time to time, we also feed Fifi wet dog food, such as Beneful’s Incredibites. This range of food offers soft pieces of meat cut into small pieces. This food also includes veggies and whole grains.

We are really glad to have found a dog food brand that specifies clearly what ingredients are used.

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Hayman Capital Chief Kyle Bass Wants Hillary Clinton In The White House

The election process has taken another turn in 2016. Established politicians are feeling the pressure of the public that believes they are wasting money, time, and ruining the good name of the country. But investors like hedge fund manager Kyle Bass know the presidential election is more about show than change. Bass knows the government is broken, and he does his best to take advantage of that fact. Kyle Bass started his investment firm, Hayman Capital, in 2006. Bass is an ex-Bear Stearns executive that saw the folly in the subprime mortgage scheme. Bass tried to warn his Wall Street buddies that the end was near in 2006, but they didn’t listen to him. In 2008, Bass made a fortune because he bet the subprime scheme was going to implode. Hayman Capital became an overnight success story, and Bass was named an investment genius.

Fast forward eight years, and Bass is still acting like the genius he thought he was in his glory days. But Bass has thrown a lot of mud in the investment water since then. Kyle has had his fair share of wins over the past eight years, but his reputation has taken some serious hits, and that trend seems to be continuing. published an article about Bass recently. In that article, Bass talked about current events and he gave his opinion about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He also gave a synopsis of the China economic situation and banking issues that will lead to the devaluation of the yuan. Bass is betting that China will be forced to devalue their currency because of capital reserve expenditures. Bass also talked about taxes, the Federal Reserve and his part in the 2008 financial meltdown.

But even though some of Kyle’s thoughts had credence, his recent decisions about shorting drug stocks to make a profit using inside information, and his defense of General Motors during the steering mechanism debacle, has seriously damaged his credibility in the industry. American Sniper Chris Kyle’s widow has accused Hayman Capital of unethical behavior, and many people believe her. Bass is walking on shaky ground, but to him, it’s just another day in the sketchy world of hedge fund investing.

An Assortment of Healthy Dog Foods by Beneful

One of the world’s biggest selling brands of dog food for many years has been Beneful. The production of this dog food is handled by Nestle PurinaStore Petcare. Beneful consists of treats, dry dog food and wet dog food. The brand routinely sells more than $1 billion in products on an annual basis around the world. In fact, the money generated by Beneful products accounts for a big chunk of Purina’s overall profits. It has become popular because of the health benefits it provides to the dogs who eat it. The following dog foods are examples of what the current Beneful line of products has to offer.
1. Beneful IncrediBites Adult Dog Food

Many dog owners are concerned about their pets having a lack of protein in their diet. This is an ideal food to choose for people to increase their dog’s protein consumption. Real beef is one of the main items that this particular food contains. Needless to say, dogs love it. Calcium is another thing that can be found in large quantities in this food. Bone strength of dogs is aided by the yogurt that is also an ingredient.

2. Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley

A popular choice among Wal-Mart consumers who want to expose their dog to a variety of foods. Brown rice, lamb, tomatoes and spinach combined with a sweet sauce make this food a favorite of many dog breeds.

3. Beneful Tuscan Style Medley

Digestive problems are something that many dogs suffer from. This food is designed to help dogs to have a properly functioning digestive system. This is accomplished by cutting the food into very small pieces which do not require the stomach to strain during digestion. It is ideally suited for dogs that are not very big. Beef, carrots, rice and spinach are the primary ingredients.

4. Beneful Original Adult Formula

This is one of the Beneful foods that is perfectly suited to ensure your dog receives a balanced diet every day. Vegetables, beef and grains are all included for your dog to enjoy. This is regularly one of the most popular dog foods in the Beneful line of products.

Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher Tells How To Keep Employees Happy

One thing that is true about business – large and small – is they usually have a high turnover rate. The economy and job climate is much different than it was 25-30 years ago.


People leave jobs for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the jobs either don’t pay enough money to support one’s family, or the worker feels unappreciated. Replacing employees can be an expensive proposition, according to Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher. It’s better to keep workers happy. Why put in the time, effort and money to train someone else who could also up and leave?


There are ways to help keep employees satisfied and enthusiastic. When employees do a good job, they like being rewarded. A little incentive program for a job well done won’t hurt. Actually, quite a few companies incentivize workers; however, there are many that don’t. An extra vacation day or $25 tacked onto their check can go a long way. And regular raises are a must.


When a person goes above and beyond the call of duty, nothing wrong with a bit of recognition. Employers can drop an email to the entire staff saying “Job well done.” Lastly, employees don’t appreciate being left in the dark. Of course, there are things that can only be shared with employees in due course. But, if there are things they need to know, tell them.


Darius Fisher runs one of the largest reputation management firms in the U.S. This Dallas-based entrepreneur who knows all about dealing with marketing and public relations. His firm, Status Labs, has helped many a politician, entertainer and CEO reinvent themselves. Having your reputation sullied isn’t something most people can easily bounce back from.


Fisher’s firm works with clients in 35 countries. He is an expert in improving internet search results and filtering out items that can hurt a person’s reputation. If you are an individual suffering from a reputation crisis, Status Labs is the firm to seek out.

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Venezuelan Crisis Caused by Government Greed

The current economic, medical and food crisis that is being suffered through in Venezuela is being continuously covered in the news. However, many people have forgotten where the crisis began. This growing economic crisis was caused by the country’s government shutting off all outside interaction and all outside currencies because the average price of petroleum dropped dramatically. Because it is the country’s primary export, the government took personal offense and shut off all imports and exports related to the country.
Following this, the country began suffering from a drought that has halted the ability for the power plants to create electricity. In turn, the country’s ability to manufacture goods and grow crops came to a halt as well.

The people of Venezuela like expert Norka Luque are outraged because their president has the power to stop the suffering of the people by reopening the exchange with foreign governments or asking for aid. Instead of turning to the rest of the world for help, the president declared a state of emergency and has scheduled military exercises claiming that threats were made by foreign countries.

Basic research funded by Luque completed by the United States shows that the ostracized allies of Venezuela, like Brazil, are criticizing Venezuela openly for shutting down their currency and knowingly letting their people suffer. The president of Uruguay has even gone to the extent of saying that the president of Venezuela is “crazy like a goat.”

Other socialist countries have openly criticized the way the Venezuelan president is handling the crises the country is facing. President Maduro has also criticized the Venezuelan secretary general, branding him a “traitor and a spy.”


A Win For Andy Wirth Against Olympic Valley Incorporation

The past few years have seen the north shore communities living in the Lake Tahoe region have it rough. For starters, an epic drought has had a drastic impact on the winter resorts in the area and the other businesses that are dependent on them. The challenges they face did not end at the natural front. On the political front, there has been a battle for the Olympic Valley incorporation. The valley provides a home for some of the best winter sports terrain in all North America.

However, there seems to be a big relief from both fronts. Mother Nature has come to the help in the form of early storms and cold temperatures. These have ensured that the Tahoe-area resorts open weeks in advance, breaking a trend that has existed for over a decade. On the political front, those backing the move for the incorporation of the area decided to formally withdraw their efforts.

According to Wirth, the incorporation would have had a negative effect on the area. First, the residents and businesses in the area would have ended up paying more in taxes. Secondly, the services that are crucial to the people in the area would have seen a decline. Lastly, the community would have been cut off from the resource pool that helps the north shore communities deal with their issues. Wirth described the incorporation as a recipe for financial disaster.

Andy Wirth’s company, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in opposing the efforts. The company has plans to improve its real estate in the area. They have plans to embark on residential and commercial development in the region. There are also plans to have a gondola that would connect Squaw Valley to Alpine Meadows ski areas.

However, according to those behind the efforts, the firm run by Mr. Wirth was opposing the incorporation with selfish motives. They state that the firm was afraid of being answerable to a town council, instead preferring to go through the California-based Placer County Board of Supervisors to address various land issues.

Andy Wirth is a key figure in the tourism industry. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is a key player among the ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region. Through his tireless efforts, the area is now recognized as a top tourist destination worldwide for skiing. Andy Wirth has made numerous contributions to various community service and environmental organizations.

However, his community service does not end there. Following a near-fatal sky diving accident, Wirth was involved in co-founding a team by the name Wounded Warrior Support. The group helps in raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation, which offers supports to Navy SEALs and their families upon their return home.

Lime Crime Brings Alternative Products To The Cosmetic Industry

Makeup is a booming industry with lots of competition between companies. There is however, one company that has remained apart from all the rest. Lime Crime has set itself apart from the rest of companies in the makeup industry by offering women a different type of product line. Not only does the company offer a full range of products in an amazing array of unusual colors, but the line of Lime Crime cosmetics is also created without the use of animal products, making them vegan friendly. Founded by female entrepreneur Doe Deere, Lime Crime is a company that prides itself on helping women of all ages express their individuality.

An Impressive Array of Products

Lime Crime offers its customers a variety of lip and eye colors designed to please even the most discerning woman. The company’s lip colors are only exceeded in popularity by the formulation of the products themselves. The lip colors in the Velveteen line are designed to go on in a smooth, sleek manner that dries to a matte finish. These colors are smudge proof so they will stay true for long periods of time. The array of shades found in the Velveteen line include the new duo packs created to help women express both sides of their personality at the same time. The Cashmere and Roswell duo could be used to color one half of the lips in a pearlized gray, while the other half of the lips are colored in a soft matte rose.

In addition to the cosmetics available from Lime Crime, customers and loyal fans will also find a user-friendly online blog. The blog keeps customers current on the changes the company is making as well as the addition of any new products. Loyal fans of Lime Crime’s products can post feedback to the articles found on the blog pages, allowing the company to see what concerns or comments their customers have. Lime Crime’s underlying mission has been to bring alternative choices to the world of cosmetics and they are more than happy to receive feedback from their loyal fans.  There are tons of cool pictures on Tumblr too, of users wearing Lime Crime, but also sharing their experiences with this makeup.

Beneful Dog Products Focus On Food Quality Not Feed Quality

There a revolution going on in the dog food and industry and Nestle Purinastore dog products are ahead of the curve. Veterinary schools across the country are offering students a fourth-year rotation that focuses on canine clinical formulation and nutrition. New veterinarians are learning the difference between pet food and pet feed. Beneful dog food experts have known the difference between food that helps maintain dog health and food that just feeds the dog’s body and has little regard for the consequences. The Whole Food Formulation Course that is being taught in veterinary schools combines the ingredients that are already found in Beneful wet food formula and the company’s dry food formula. The new focus is on “whole food” instead of fillers that have no nutritional value.

Beneful has been using whole food ingredients in their Beneful Original (product link: blend for years, and the company also uses nutritional ingredients in the Beneful Baked Delights. Beneful Baked Delights are the dog treats that provide an added boost of nutrients throughout the day. The therapeutic aspects of Beneful Playful Life that is formulated with real beef and eggs has been well- documented by dog owners that swear they see a difference in their pet’s behavior. There is a heightened sense of awareness in puppies when they are given food that includes Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dog food blend.

Dogs need food that adds nutrients, but they also need food that controls unnecessary weight gain. Beneful’s Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food is formulated to keep dogs fit without adding an unnecessary amount of fat to their bodies. The other important issue that Beneful dog food products address is immune system health. Beneful dog food formulas are free from the toxins that other dog food manufacturers still add to their products.

Wikipedia researchers are constantly developing new formulas that help dogs stay healthy, and that means a longer life. Dogs mirror humans in many ways, and Beneful is giving dogs the food they need to mirror their owners in a positive way. The Beneful dry and wet food (visit, formulas are designed for small, medium and large dogs. Size makes a difference in the dog food world.

George Soros Funds New Super PAC

George Soros has no shortage of resources as an incredibly successful businessman and philanthropist. His current net worth is at an estimated $24.9 billion as of March of this year, which makes him one of the thirty richest individuals in the world, according to Bloomberg Billionaires. With all of these resources and the political influence he accumulated, George Soros says he feels obligated to use his clout to make the world a better place for those people in the world who do not have the resources to do so themselves. These values are reflected in his international philanthropy efforts as the chair and president of the Open Society Foundations. Soros also makes very generous campaign contributions to political candidates that support his values of free and open societies with transparent governments that actually answer to their people. These typically include liberal or progressive political candidates and their super PACs.

This time around, Soros is actually using his money and resources to oppose a candidate for the GOP ticket in the presidential race this year. Soros has frequently and publicly decried the campaign of Donald Trump and said that the prospect of him being elected is very scary for this country as a whole. For those reasons, Soros announced that he has contributed an incredible $5 million to a super PAC with the goal of crushing Trump in the election this November. Specifically, the super PAC is seeking to get out the vote in the Latino and immigrant communities this November. In conjunction with the massive donation from Soros, other donors have given an estimated $10 million to the super PAC called Immigrant Voters Win. The super PAC announced that it will use all available resources to try to get 400,000 new Latino and immigrant voters to participate in the upcoming presidential election.
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Billionaire George Soros funds $15m effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos

The focus on Latino and immigrant voters by Soros is in response to some of the more dangerous claims from Trump about his plans for pushing back on immigration should he be the next president. Trump has gained plenty of media attention and has ignited support among strongly conservative voters by claiming that he would build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. to control illegal immigration. Trump has been widely quoted as saying that the immigrants coming from Mexico are not desirable citizens and should be sent back from where they came from. In addition, Trump has been very vocal about stopping Muslim immigration to the country. George Soros has been a strong opponent to these proposed policies and thinks that the hateful language being broadcast by the Trump campaign is not in the best interest of the country as a whole. Soros is committed to standing up for the rights of immigrants and defending human rights in general, which he sees as diametrically opposed to Trump’s positions and crazed rhetoric. Soros himself was an immigrant from Hungary when he fled the country as a young man to avoid the terror of the Nazi occupation of the country.

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Top Cosmetic Surgeon Returns to Her Roots

Dr. Jennifer Warden was born in Austin, Texas on November 17th, 1971. She is the daughter of a dentist father and surgical nurse mother. After graduating from Anderson High School, Walden was accepted to the University of Texas, where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology. She then applied to medical school at The University of Texas Medical Branch, she was wait-listed, but later graduated as salutatorian of her class.
Dr. Walden chose plastic surgery because she loved the artistry of and creativity of the surgical outcomes. Warden was matched to the program at UT Galveston. From UT Galveston she was accepted into a post-residency aesthetic surgery fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She fell in love with Manhattan, and ended up living there for 8 years.
Dr. Jennifer Warden, who was named one of the 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, hadn’t really thought about dating, marriage, or children. Dr. Warden was starting to feel her biological clock ticking as she was entering her late thirties. Because, she wasn’t married or dating anyone, Dr. Warden decided to use in-vitro fertilization (IVF). She gave birth to her twin boys in November of 2010. Once she started a family, and to her families great joy, Walden decided to return to Texas.
Dr. Walden realized that returning to Austin would mean she had to start over. Luckily, she had the support of her mother, who still lives in her childhood home, and the help of others. With all of the extra help, Dr. Jennifer Walden was able to efficiently reestablish her business. It didn’t even take 3 years for Walden to have a business growth that was far beyond expectations. She is able to do 99% of her surgeries in her own operating room, which is just step away from her main office.
Dr. Walden is a self-proclaimed “doer.” Every morning, she wishes for her children to be healthy and happy. She aims to inspire other women to chase their dreams. She believes she is fortunate to have a great support system.


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