Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean was born in Vermont. He was adopted in and raised in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. He became popular due to his success with hair. He became interested in fashion while looking at the designs his grandmother put in his grandfather’s furniture. While in high school he gained his love for photography which later led to love in hair care and design. He obtained his first job as an assistant in a salon in Los Angelos. He later became a stylist and opened his own salon. Because Chaz knew how to keep healthy hair, he had a huge clientele of celebrities. Chaz teaches his clients how to maintain the health and integrity of their hair.
Chaz Dean believes in a natural and healthy lifestyle. His Amazon sold hair care line is made with natural ingredients, and he never uses bleach or developer with high levels of peroxide when coloring hair. He began the hair care line called Wen. This product turns fine hair into full beautiful hair. In an article on bustle the client explained how impressed she was with the results from Wen conditioner. Just after seven days she saw great results. You wake up, take a shower, and go. You are guaranteed to have great results. Check out the Wen channel on YouTube.

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Creating a Transformational eCommerce Site for Women’s Fashion: Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab

The idea of a woman’s fashion website that catered to women everywhere had come from Adam Goldenberg’s “Intelligent Beauty” platform. He and his co-founder Don Ressler decided that women needed a way have a personalized shopping experience online. It was something that had been done on a smaller scale with online shops but Goldenberg believed that women wanted a fashion website that showcased the latest fashion for the best price.

The beginning of JustFab
The transformation began in 2010. Adam Goldenberg and Ressler noticed many women’s fashion sites that only provided the clothes and accessories but not the stories behind them. They realized that women reacted better to fashion websites that connected with celebrities and how to wear the fashions than to traditional shopping sites.

The interaction between their existing platform that focused on health and beauty and the new JustFab platform that focused on women’s fashion created a whole new shopping experience at

Building Up and Bringing the Best Out of Just Fabulous
Intelligent Beauty on Bloomberg had brought in women that were interested in looking their best. It was soon discovered that they needed to establish a platform that not only gave women ideas about how best to wear their new wardrobe but also allowed style leaders to give tips and information. Ressler noted that “JustFab shows women how to wear each item by providing style boards and demonstrating complete looks on models.”

Growing Pains
As women’s fashions changed, the platform grew. Originally set up to sell handbags and other accessories, JustFab branched out into other avenues. Clothes soon joined the lineup. Women started talking about the value they received in becoming a member. The premise of having fashionable clothes and accessories at the right price made many satisfied customers.

Fabkids, a platform for boys and girls was acquired in January 2013. This brought kids fashions in the same realm as women’s fashions. Women’s athletic gear through the Fabletics womens althetics brand became available in October 2013. Both Ressler and Goldenberg believed that there was a gap begging to be filled in the active wear marketplace. The most recent addition is the men’s active wear web platform, FL2.

How Shared Office Space Increases Productivity for Independent Workers


Most people feel better when they can interact with others. This was proven to be true in a recent article published online, which highlighted the benefits of working in a shared office. There are a number of people who work as independent contractors out of their homes, or as traveling business associates out of hotel rooms. These individuals were found to have better performance levels when working in a shared environment with others. Not only did they have the opportunity to interact with other people, but they felt as though the work they did had more meaning. The online article theorized that the increased purpose behind one’s work could be attributed to a culture where coworkers help each other.

The ability to work in a shared office environment also increases job performance and productivity by creating a more professional setting. People who work from home or hotel rooms can often have trouble setting schedules for completing their work. When using a co-working space, people are more apt to feel as though they are in a structured environment, making it easier for them to complete their projects. The upside of this environment is the ability the person has to come and go as needed so they can still take care of situations that arise at home.

Making Space Available to Independent Contractors

There are some companies that lease out office space specifically for those individuals who work independently. Workville NYC is one company offering office spaces in the New York area for people who want to be part of a shared work environment. They lease the space by the month, week, day or hour to fit the flexible schedules independent workers have. The office spaces available through Workville New York shared office space comes fully furnished with large tables, desks and comfortable chairs. Each office area has an adjoining terrace with a spectacular view of the city. The company also provides workers with freshly brewed coffee, free Internet, access to on-site printers and a private phone service.

The shared office spaces available from Workville NYC are situated in central locations so workers have easy access to area restaurants and public transportation. This makes it easy to meet with clients in a relaxed setting. These co-working spaces also have lounge areas where workers can gather to share work experiences. Leased offices are available to workers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mike Baur, CTI, and the Swiss Start Up Factory Are Making Moves

The Swiss Start Up Factory likes to speed things up. This is why the firm is referred to as an accelerator. Thanks to the work of founding partner Mike Baur, the Swiss Start Up Factory is putting the proverbial foot on the accelerator pedal to help budding entrepreneurs and new companies. Entrepreneurs involved in the digital industry can look towards the Zurich-based Swiss Factory Start Up as a great source of support and assistance. The company could aid new businesses and self-motivated entrepreneurs to thrive in the market.

Thriving in the market means generating income. Startups are often troubled by a lack of cash flow during the early stages of existence. With Mike Bauer at the Swiss Start Up Factory providing support, it may become easier for a new company to experience better growth and increased revenues.

Things are moving forward for the Swiss Start Up Factory as evidenced by a new strategic partnership. The company has launched a partnership with CTI Invest, a top financing entity for “innovative startups” in Switzerland. Sometimes, when a startup has a solid and revolutionary business idea, traditional venture capital firms may be a little leery. They just do not understand the vision of creative startups. Ironically, it is the creative startups that come with the greatest potential for dramatic success. Facebook and Google would be perfect examples of these types of outstanding startup ventures.

Mike Baur, incidentally, is the Deputy Managing Director of CTI. His presence with the company should prove extremely beneficial to would-be clients. After all, he is very partial to entrepreneurs and startups.

CTI Invest and “the Factory” are joining together to host a number of events. Swiss Startup Day is going to be one of them and it should prove to be exceptionally helpful to anyone who wishes to learn more about the value both firms can provide. Perhaps even someone who is just reading about the events taking place could use the news as a motivating factory in launching a startup.

In time, the full value and benefit of the joint partnership and its effect on the Swiss startup scene will be revealed.

Bury Harmful Content With The Help Of Bury Bad Articles

Messaging is incredibly important for those involved with running a business. Whether the business is great or small, those in charge do have to make sure the public perceives the establishment in a positive manner. If not, then achieving good sales figures is going to be incredibly difficult. Controlling a message or maintaining a positive brand is not easy in the modern communications landscape. Anyone can publish pretty much anything he or she wishes to publish. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the troubling truth that the search engines keep all obnoxious commentary alive seemingly in perpetuity.

Well, it does seem that way does it not? The truth is there are ways to fix and correct the situation with the search engines.

Good news abounds. The search engines can be fixed. All the miserable content that creates a horrible impression about a business can be pushed down the rankings. In general, the way to do this is by producing new content that overwhelms the old material. Does that mean any type of “slop work” can be published online and have a positive effect? No, the new content should be of decent quality and most definitely not spun material.

This is where Bury Bad Articles rides onto the scene in a heroic manner. Bury Bad Articles reveals a solution to all that bad press that could be ruining a business’ profit margin. All that bad press in the search engines could lead to massive losses. Upwards of 70% of potential customers just might be turned off by what they see. Bury Bad Articles works on making sure the content visible to people surfing the internet is mainly positive.

Calling on the help of legitimate search engine fixers is probably the best strategy any person or business could take to deal with online reputation of internet marketing hassles. The search engines are going to herald certain “facts” be they legitimate or made up. A company with a solid track record for fixing content published on the internet is the only true and viable source of fixing these issues.

The steps required to fix the search engine results are serious and deliberate. Taking a casual or lax approach to cleaning up the search engines, honestly, means nothing is going to be fixed. As such, all the disastrous issues associated with the horrible search engine results never go away. Only through working with a proper “fixer service” can these problems be, well, buried.

The Reaches of Investment Banking and a Brief about Martin Lustgarten Illustrious Career

Investment banks world over play an important role of advising and helping corporations, individuals and governments raise capital. According to the Wall Street Prep, Inc the key areas of focus for investment banks include; sales, trading and equity research; retail and commercial banking; raising capital; underwriting security and offering front and back office services. The other area of focus is mergers and acquisition. The advisory services component usually covers restructuring and corporate advising, private capital, capital markets and institutional equities.

Since investment banking allows the incorporation of multiple divisions. Many investment bankers are trained to offer a wide range of products and services. They also work closely with clients to deliver creative solutions designed to meet the needs of a competitive marketplace. Leading investment banks have a policy of placing the needs of their clients first, alongside offering World class advice and maintaining expanded presence. Some of the key historical events that have shaped the investment banking sector as we know it today, include the Panic of 1907 and the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

About Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is an influential investment banker with Austrian and Venezuelan heritage. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten investment banking firm based in Florida. Since the key roles of an investment banker include helping individuals, corporations and governments raise funds and get professional advice on a host of issues, Lustgarten has been doing this with utmost resolute. According to the Edge Center website, Lustgarten’s approach to investment banking emphasizes on the development of clear understanding of pertinent financial issues in order to offer proper guidance.

This approach has earned Lustgarten a lot of respect and admiration from clients in and outside US borders. Besides spearheading his investment firm, Martin Lustgarten is also the MD Henlux Inc. Prior to his latest engagements; Lustgarten earned his stripes as a mercurial trader by trading in precious metals like gold. Lustgarten maintains an active presence in the social media, where he keeps his circles updated on issues close to his heart. According to Lustgarten’s Instagram account, he is an avid traveler and passionate collector of vintage items such as watches. Follow Martin Lustgarten on Twitter @mlustgarten2 to learn more.

James Ahern and Matthew Eitner’s Not So Excellent Adventures

In what can only be described as the taste of sweet vengeance, Laidlaw and Company, along with their principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, were presented with an amended complaint against them from former clients Relmada Therapeutics. They will garner no sympathy from anybody on planet Earth that actually has any human decency, I can assure you. Laidlaw had no comment on the addition of the amendment nor on the existing complaint in its previous state.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern.

The amended complaint contains information that the investment banking firm breached privacy laws by “accidentally” leaking financial information about Relmada that Laidlaw was privy to during their business relationship. Whether it was a true accident or not is up to the courts to decide, but I would certainly bet against it.

As far as reputable companies are concerned, Laidlaw and Company would almost certainly have to be at the very last rung of the ladder. Enron may have had a better reputation that this company currently enjoys. Eitner and Ahern are most assuredly the present-day embodiment of former “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, except that Belfort came across as less sleazy than this duo do on a regular basis.

Brexit Leads To FTSE Decline, How Does Bovespa Compare According to Igor Cornelsen?

Brexit was a dramatic move, perhaps because it altered the entire European geo-political philosophy. In fact, the development of the European Union has been integral to the global elite’s agenda. Why does Brazil Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen believe the Brazil stock market, Bovespa, can handle challenges better than the United Kingdom FTSE stock exchange did?

“FTSE Falls Hard”

After Brexit, investors sold numerous shares in panic – the FTSE had a loss of “8.7% in early trade, but trimmed losses and settled down 3.2%.”

“How Did Bovespa Fare?”

When Brexit was announced on June 24th, 2016, the Brazil Bovespa Stock Exchange was at 51,561.05 and fell to 49,737.75 for a drop of -3.5%. Thus, the Brexit vote effected some of the stocks (for example HSBC has a branch in Brazil), but overall Brazil was somewhat insulated from the chaos in Europe.

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“Gaining Investment Clarity”

All investors want the highest return on investment (ROI). European stock exchanges fell even more dramatically after Brexit: Spain’s IBEX-35 fell -12.4%. By the way, the Spanish Brexit decline was an even higher one-day decline than the -9.1% fall of 2008.

Brazilian Banking Consultant Igor Cornelsen discussed all of the reasons why the Brazil banking sector was a good investment choice during his CNBC interview. Although, England has been a banking sector for centuries, Brexit may damage that reputation. High Street banks are under extreme pressure.

If you like to invest in banks, but are wary of Europe, then you can talk to Wealth Planner Igor Cornelsen. He knows what he is talking about.

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Fifi And Fuji Don’t Mix

I have a dog with food allergies. It’s kind of odd, because we only found out about Fifi’s apple allergy when we started giving her various fruits as a treat. Most dogs can handle lots of fruits, from bananas and apples to blueberries and watermelon. As far as I’m aware, the only fruit they really shouldn’t eat is grapes.
After Fifi started having tummy problems when we fed her apple, we eliminated it from her diet completely. However, some weeks later we realized she was getting sick again when we switched her dog food. We scrutinized the ingredients (which were not very complete) and even called the company. There was no proof that there was apple in the dog food, but we are pretty sure that that’s what it was, because Fifi has never been allergic to any other food.

Since then, we have gone strictly to Beneful dog foods by Purinastore. We like this brand because while several flavors do feature fruit, the ingredients are pretty clearly stated. We simply do not feed Fifi the one that has apple in it, which is the Healthy Weight formula.

Fifi’s favorite dog food from Beneful is the Playful Life dry dog food. This dog food is great for high energy dogs, which really suits Fifi as she’s only two years old and very active. She also loves it because it has real blueberries in the formula, and blueberries are her favorite fruit. Thank goodness she’s not allergic to those!

We also regularly buy Fifi on Walmart the Beneful Originals with salmon. This dry food features sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots in addition to the salmon. We have been known to feed Fifi cooked sweet potato before with great results, so we were happy to discover a dog food with this veggie.

From time to time, we also feed Fifi wet dog food, such as Beneful’s Incredibites. This range of food offers soft pieces of meat cut into small pieces. This food also includes veggies and whole grains.

We are really glad to have found a dog food brand that specifies clearly what ingredients are used.

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Hayman Capital Chief Kyle Bass Wants Hillary Clinton In The White House

The election process has taken another turn in 2016. Established politicians are feeling the pressure of the public that believes they are wasting money, time, and ruining the good name of the country. But investors like hedge fund manager Kyle Bass know the presidential election is more about show than change. Bass knows the government is broken, and he does his best to take advantage of that fact. Kyle Bass started his investment firm, Hayman Capital, in 2006. Bass is an ex-Bear Stearns executive that saw the folly in the subprime mortgage scheme. Bass tried to warn his Wall Street buddies that the end was near in 2006, but they didn’t listen to him. In 2008, Bass made a fortune because he bet the subprime scheme was going to implode. Hayman Capital became an overnight success story, and Bass was named an investment genius.

Fast forward eight years, and Bass is still acting like the genius he thought he was in his glory days. But Bass has thrown a lot of mud in the investment water since then. Kyle has had his fair share of wins over the past eight years, but his reputation has taken some serious hits, and that trend seems to be continuing. published an article about Bass recently. In that article, Bass talked about current events and he gave his opinion about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He also gave a synopsis of the China economic situation and banking issues that will lead to the devaluation of the yuan. Bass is betting that China will be forced to devalue their currency because of capital reserve expenditures. Bass also talked about taxes, the Federal Reserve and his part in the 2008 financial meltdown.

But even though some of Kyle’s thoughts had credence, his recent decisions about shorting drug stocks to make a profit using inside information, and his defense of General Motors during the steering mechanism debacle, has seriously damaged his credibility in the industry. American Sniper Chris Kyle’s widow has accused Hayman Capital of unethical behavior, and many people believe her. Bass is walking on shaky ground, but to him, it’s just another day in the sketchy world of hedge fund investing.