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A column by a friend

28 Jan

I am waiting to write more until tomorrow at Midway Airport in Chicago. I will be flying back to NYC tomorrow and have a lot to do in preparation for going back. After being in Iowa for over a month, it will definitely feel weird to be back in my apartment, and using the subway and walking as my primary modes of transportation.


Today, I wanted to share a column by a fellow columnist at the daily paper I used to work at. Arvid Huisman is the development director for The Salvation Army in Des Moines, Iowa. He writes a weekly column called Country Roads, recounting his childhood memories of growing up in Central Iowa, funny stories about his family, and some very creative writing pieces. When I was able set up the opinion page of the Monday paper, I was always happy to open up the attached word document from Arvid with his latest column. The topics were always relatable and full of emotional content. He wrote a piece in the past year about his father dying – it was one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I had ever encountered.

We would write to each other back and forth over our writing topics, and it was wonderful to hear from such a kind voice. I have counted him among my mentors and will continue to look forward to his columns for years to come.

Last week, his wife passed away suddenly from complications from breast cancer. Arvid was willing to share with the public what he has been going through with his Monday column. Absolutely honest and heart-wrenching.

Here is a link to “More of what I have learned.”

My prayers are with Arvid and his family.



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